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Recap of my 2018 goals & my new 2019 goals

Towards the beginning of 2018 I did 2 blogposts on my blogging goals and makeup goals for the year. I've also decided to share a mix of my 2019 goals too. I love setting goals and I do it quite often at the beginning of the year, months, weeks and days. Just having goals to work on is something I enjoy trying to achieve. 

Makeup Goals We'll start with the makeup goals as that was the first of the two I posted. To be honest, I didn't wear makeup that much in 2018, but I did play around with it more when I did, so this will be interesting.
Try different eyeshadow shades: I achieved this one in the middle-the end of the year. I started using red sparkly eyeshadow and became obsessed with orange eyeshadows, which are both shades I've wanted to try for a long time. While this might not seem like a lot to some people, to me it is as I've always stuck with brown/bronze and pink shades. This year I want to try more colourful shades like purple and blue!
Use my non-regular prod…

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