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Meet Buddy

Before I get into this post, I wanted to give a little story as to why I got Buddy. In October I posted a 'meet my new guinea pigs' post introducing my two new guinea pigs. Unfortunately a little over a month of getting them, one of them (Alfie) passed away. It was very sudden, unexpected and it happened so quick. One Saturday he stopped eating and drinking, my mum syringe fed him and he perked up a bit. He seemed better and the next morning he died. It was so sad, but I hope he had the happiest month he was with me. I'm still unsure why he died, however when I took Max to the vets for a check up a week later, the vet told me sometimes baby guinea pigs just don't develop properly and end up dying. Max and Alfie were the same age, however Alfie was a lot smaller and very quiet and calm, whereas Max was very hyperactive. I thought it was just because Alfie was a baby and quite shy, but maybe he had something wrong with him from the start. For whatever reason it was, I ho…

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