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Brighton from the i360

The i360 in Brighton is something I've passed while it was being built multiple times and something I've passed numerous times after it had been built. I had wondered what the view looked like from up there because the view from the old Brighton wheel (thats no longer there) was good, so I thought the i360 would be even better and it was. There were reflections everywhere in the i360 pod, so thats why theres peoples legs and shoes in some of these photos. The view was amazing and luckily, it was a lovely sunny, clear day so we could see quite far.

British Airways made the i360 and you go 450ft in the air in a pod, that can hold up to 175 people. You get a 360 view of Brighton and Hove, the South Downs National Park, the UNESCO Biosphere and apparently on the clearest days, you can see the Isle of Wight.

I absolutely loved looking around from 450ft in the air and it was very peaceful. They had covers of songs playing, it was cool because they had the air conditioning on and if I …

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