May haul | Fiorelli, Maybelline + more

Glass Jar: When I went to the Range I was looking around the glasses and mugs and found this glass jar. I've seen these before on Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube and I really like them, it was £2.49! I love making smoothies and putting them in this jar and I think it looks super cool.

Black and stone pocket front mini tote bag: I bought this bag from New Look, it was £17.99 and I love it. I think there was a bigger version of this (or a similar bigger version) but I chose the smaller one. Even though it's small it's still a good size and it fits everything I need in it.

(I didn't realise this picture came out blurry until now)
Barry M nail polish: I recently realised that I don't have any black nail polish except for matte black. I wanted to try out a LouBoutin inspired nails that I saw on Google so I needed a shiny black nail polish.

Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner: I've finally found a lipliner that matches my favourite lipstick. I had been Googling what lipliner would go with my lipstick and this was recommended. It isn't a pencil lipliner so I can't sharpen it when I need to do so. This is in the colour 'Epic - 045' 
Brow satin: I wrote a post on this here

Pointless Book 2: I actually got this at the end of April, however I did my April Haul before April ended so I added it to this. I have the first Pointless Book and I really liked it, so I wanted the second one. 

Fiorelli purse: I wrote a post on this here

Maybelline foundation: I wrote a post on this here


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