Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette & Swatches | Review

A few weeks ago I got the Makeup Revolution Highlighter palette and ever since I've been loving it and using it pretty much daily. Makeup Revolution are one of my favourite drugstore brands and they never fail to amaze me every time I try their products. They sell such reasonable priced products that are really good quality. Highlighters are something that I've been really into this year and something that I love wearing. I've tried Makeup Revolution's individual Vivid Baked highlighter in Peach Lights and I really like it, so when I saw that they sell a highlighter palette, I had to get it.

The highlighters come in a black case like their eyeshadow palettes and the writing is in gold (although in this photo it looks a bit yellow). On the inside it's matte black and on the outside it's shiny black. The palette contains a good size mirror on the lid. I really like the mirrors in the Makeup Revolution palettes, they're all good sizes and really clear.

This palette is actually three of their Vivid Baked highlighters which are Peach Lights, Pink Lights and Golden Lights. I originally wanted to get Golden Lights so when I found out that this was in the palette I was really happy. This palette is £8 and the individual one costs £3 each and although you get more product in the individual one, I do like having them all in one palette together.

Onto the highlighters, these are powder highlights and are all super pigmented and I actually think these are more pigmented than my individual one and look more pigmented when I swatched these. (These swatches are only done once). These are definitely smoother than the individual ones. I think I prefer the palette to be honest.

Overall I love this palette. I do love the Golden Lights one the best and it's probably the one I use the most, although I do like the other two. For £8 this is definitely worth it and if you're looking for a reasonable priced, good quality highlighter palette then I recommend this!

Have you tried this palette? If you use a highlighter, what do you use/recommend?


  1. Sounds great! I need to really try more drugstore goodies. I love good products that are friendlier to the wallet!

    Mel |

  2. This is such a beaut palette!!

    CharlotteSamantha //

  3. It look so beautiful, might have to get this! x

  4. Lovely review! This palette looks so nice!
    Paula |

  5. I've been eyeing up this palette for a while now, it look amazing!

    Parie x

  6. I'm definitely adding this to my shopping list, it looks absolutely stunning!! Makeup Revolution is one of my fave ever brands, so I have high hopes for this palette xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky


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