Blogmas day 10 | 10 of my favourite things about christmas

Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year and December is my absolute favourite month. I love so many things about Christmas, so here's 10 of my favourite things about it.

  1. Everywhere is decorated | All the shops, the village, the high streets, peoples houses. Everywhere you go, theres christmas decorations. I love going to shops/shopping centres that are filled with decorations.
  2. Christmas music | christmas music is my favourite.
  3. Christmas films | I loveeee christmas films and I love discovering new christmas films. 
  4. Wrapping presents & writing cards | I love wrapping presents, I think it's so much fun. I also really enjoy writing christmas cards.
  5. Christmas scents | christmassy scents are my favourite. I LOVE christmas scented candles.
  6. Christmas trees | I always get SO excited about going to buy our christmas tree every year. It's always a family trip to go and choose a tree. It's always so much fun and one of my favourite things about christmas. Also, christmas trees smell so nice!
  7. Christmas decorations | This is kind of like everywhere is decorated, but this year I'm really into tree decorations. I love looking at decorations online and in shops. There are soo many pretty decorations.
  8. Spending time with family & friends | One of my favourite things to do.
  9. Baking | I love baking in general, but I love baking christmas themed cookies and cupcakes. 
  10. Christmas shopping | I love christmas shopping and choosing presents for people. 

What do you love about christmas?


  1. Christmas music and films will always be the best :D

    Lotte |

  2. I will admit, I play Christmas music almost all year long because it makes me so happy :)

    1. me too, I love randomly listening to it throughout the year!:)

  3. I love seeing everywhere all decorated and looking festive. I'm not one for going OTT with decorations in my home but I enjoy going to places where they've gone all out. I also really enjoy baking mince pies or gingerbread (and eating it too). xx

    1. me too! i love driving around at night and seeing houses covered in decorations. are they easy to make? i've never made them myself!xx

  4. I LOVE Christmas music! Merry Christmas <3

    Edye | Http://

  5. I love walking down the road and seeing all the houses covered in fairy lights, it is so pretty! xx

  6. I agree with you! My favorite time of year!

    Mel |


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