8 things to do on a rainy day

Although it's still Summer, on the South Coast of England we just seem to have been getting an endless amount of rain. It feels like a lot more like Winter instead of feeling like Summer! But here's 8 ideas you could do on a rainy day:

Watch films/TV/Youtube Videos: This is my favourite thing to do on a rainy day. I like to catch up with TV shows and binge watch Youtube videos that have been in my 'watch later' list. I also love watching my favourite films with a hot drink.

Play games: You can play games online or download apps or something! It'll keep you entertained and distracted for a while. 
I rarely play the Kim Kardashian game anymore, but if I'm bored I'll go onto it!

Baking: You can bake some nice treats. Baking is fun to do and will keep you busy for ages.

Indoor exercise: I only do indoor exercise, but if the rain is keeping you from doing your exercise outdoors, try exercising indoors by following some exercise videos online or an exercise DVD!

Relax: You can have a bubble bath or relax in some comfy clothes on the sofa/in bed and read some books, with some nice food!

Paint/draw: Painting and drawing are two of my favourite things to do. They're fun to do when it's raining, you can doodle or paint your nails, etc...

Play around with makeup: Playing around with makeup will keep you entertained for a while. I like to try makeup looks I've never done before, I do it a lot on rainy days if I'm not leaving the house because if it goes wrong it isn't a big deal as I wont be seeing anyone.

Organise/tidy: You can organise your room/wardrobe or tidy and reorganise things. It'll keep you busy and doing this makes me a lot happier because everything is better organised.


  1. Baking, tidying, & Netflix are so essential on a rainy day. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. I always find myself tidying if it's a crappy day.. I won't do it any other time haha xx


  3. I love this list, these things just make a rainy day even more better.

    Stay fabulous x

  4. The rain doesn't seem to let up in Florida either, so I can definitely appreciate this list. Great blog! I nominated you for the Libester Awards - I have a post on my blog about it if you want to check it out. :) xx


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