My current favourite autumnal makeup look

Happy 1st of December! While autumn is still technically here (although I tend to class December as winter), I thought I'd continue with the autumnal posts. Autumn is my favourite season and one of my favourite seasons to create makeup looks for it. I've been playing around with some new makeup items recently and created an orangey eye look, which I think is great for this time of the year. I also created this looks with most of these products being from the drugstore. Most of my makeup collection is drugstore, however just incase you want to use some of these products you might like to know they're mostly all inexpensive. 

As always, I start by using my LUSH Lip Scrub to scrub my lips and prep them before applying lipstick. I do like to do this before I've applied any makeup as it can get a lil messy, as I've found out. After applying the lip scrub, I then use my Barry M Brightening Primer. This looks very purple in the bottle, however once its applied you cannot see it. I wouldn't say this 'brightens' my face all that much, but it is a good primer, makes my makeup stay in place all day and it feels very moisturising.

Next up is eyebrows, which is the thing that almost takes me the longest besides blending in eyeshadow. I've spoken about this product thousandssss of times, but the product I always use is the NYX Micro Brow Pencil and this brow pencil is so quick and easy to use. I simply fill in my brows and then use the LA Girl Pro Concealer to neaten and shape my eyebrows better. I then apply the concealer on my eyelids as a kind of primer and use my MUA Matte Loose Powder lightly over it. This makes a good base for eyeshadow. 

I used two eye products for this to make it an autumnal kind of look. The eyeshadow palette I use is the Revolution x Soph 'Extra Spice' palette. This contains 18 shades, but recently I've been using the same three to create this look. For the transition shade, I use 'Cookie Dough', which is a soft brown shade. Above my crease I use 'Running Late', which is a bright orange and I absolutely love this shade. On the outer corner of my eyes I use 'Sweet N Sour', which is a darker orange and again, I absolutely love this shade. The orange look is my favourite at the moment and it was something completely out of my comfort zone, so I'm quite surprised the orange was the first shades I tried, but they've become my most used. 

For the eyelids, I use my Collection Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade 'Divine', which is a metallic light pinky shade. This is the only liquid eyeshadow I've tried and I've been using it so much. This applies so well, it looks pretty and it goes nicely with the orange look. The eyeliner I always use is the MUA Eye Define Felt Liner. Eyeliner is something I always have to do when I'm wearing a full face of makeup because I feel weird without it. I love that this eyeliner works super well with the liquid eyeshadow.

Now onto my face. Since I already apply primer first, I go straight on with colour correcting concealer. A recent favourite of mine is Collection's Green Colour Correcting Concealer that reduces redness very well. Although I sometimes find this concealer fairly drying when trying to blend it in (I don't think its the concealer itself, I think its my skin when its super dry because the concealers not always like that), once its blended in its fine. After applying the colour correcting concealer, I apply a regular concealer, which is Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer. I love the coverage of this concealer and that its creamy and covers the green well. 

For foundation I've been using a new (ish) foundation I'm loving, which is the Barry M All Night Long Foundation. The All Night Long foundation is full coverage and I love that, as my previous Barry M foundation I've been using for over a year is light coverage. This foundation is a lil bit runny, but its ok because it blends in nicely and is also long lasting, so I'm really happy with this foundation.

Over my foundation, I use my Barry M Cream Contour Stick (that comes in a duo) and I loveeee this contour stick. Its so creamy and blends in so easily. To set my face makeup, I use my MUA Matte Loose Powder lightly and over that I apply highlighter. The highlighter I've been using a lot is my Too Faced Love Light Highlighter in the shade 'Ray of Light'. Its a subtle highlighter, however I like to really build it up. I apply this above where I contoured, on the inner corner of my eyes and on my brow bone.

Back onto my eyes for the last bits. I use 'Sweet N Sour' again from the Extra Spice palette underneath my bottom lash line. I curl my lashes and then apply a few coats of Barry M's Showgirl Extra Volumising Mascara to my top and bottom lashes. This separates my lashes well and coats them nicely. Lastly for my eyes, I use Ardell's Demi Wispies Lashes and I try to blend them in my with mascara, however my natural lashes tend to drop and they don't stay blended for very long.

I always leave my lips for last and I've been using a new combination I've been loving. Because I went for a colourful eye look, I went for a nude lip. NYX's Pencil Lipliner in the shade 'Mauve' is my newest favourite lipliner. Its easy to apply, isn't drying and is a really nice shade. The lipstick I've been loving with this is also from the Revolution x Soph collection and its a lipstick in the shade 'Syrup', which is a creamy lipstick. To finish this look off, I use NYX's Setting Spray to lightly use on my face, to give a dewy look. While I don't always manage to get it looking dewy somehow, I like to keep my makeup in place for a long time.


  1. OMG! I love it your make up! beautiful.



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