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I've spent a bit too much money on beauty products and clothes recently, which I need to stop with the makeup because I now have so many separate reviews to write and I don't know where to start. I was originally going to write a fashion haul for my blog and ended up making a YouTube video out of it because it would've been too much to write due to me blabbering on (a bit like now), so I decided to do another beauty haul instead. So here I am, writing another inexpensive beauty haul.

After wanting a plumping lipgloss for a while, I finally decided to purchase one. I've come across so many brands selling plumping glosses, so choosing which brand to go for was hard decision. I went for one of the cheaper plumping glosses I saw, which is the ELF plumping lipgloss (£6) in the shade 'Mocha Twist' and its the darkest out of the 4 shades. Its a really lovely shade and looks lovely on its own or over lipstick.

I chose this shade so I can wear it on its own or over lipstick. It definitely tingles my lips, but in the couple times I've tried it, I've only noticed a slight difference in plumpiness.

I've read mixed reviews on this, but some people said they'd noticed a difference after a few uses, whereas other people said it doesn't work. Sooo, I thought I'd try it out myself and see whether it makes a bigger difference or not after I've used it more. Even if it doesn't make a bigger difference, I'll continue to use it because I love the shade and the slight difference in plumpiness. 

A while back I had a vanilla body mist from The Body Shop and I absolutely loved it. Since I thought it was a great mist and I'd literally ran out of all my perfumes/body mists, I decided to purchase 3 scents (£8 each). Unfortunately when I ordered online, they didn't have the vanilla scent, so I got strawberry, which smells a lot like bubblegum and White Musk, which smells very fresh (I don't know how else to describe it). At first I wasn't so sure about it (before spraying it on me), but I began to love it.

A few day later I went to Gunwarf and the specific shop I wanted to go to was The Body Shop to find the vanilla mist and I was so happy it was in the shop. I forgot how good it smelt. 
Vanilla's probably my favourite scent and since I was younger, I've had many vanilla scented mists.

I had been looking for another face wash for a long time because I've been using my mum's face wash for ageeees, which has been burning and stinging my face like crazy. I recently tried another face wash, which was awful (I'll explain in another post) and then I came across The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Wash (£8). I'm really into trying Vitamin E products at the moment (from different brands) and I really love this face wash. You don't need a lot of product and it works really well because it completely gets rid of my makeup and my dry skin. It leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh, which I love. The scent is lovely and I'm really glad I came across this. I definitely want to try more from their Vitamin E range.

The Revolution x Soph Extra Spice palette (£10) was literally a purchase I made when it came up on Superdrug's home page. I absolutely did not need another eyeshadow palette, however I talked myself into buying it because 1. I needed cheering up and 2. look at the colours! A lot of my palettes have similar/the same shades, which is why I haven't bought a palette with a mix of matte and shimmers in a while. This palette is different. The 2 most colourful palettes I own consists of just shimmers or glitters, so I was in need of a palette with colourful mattes.

What excited me the most was the oranges, yellows, purples and shimmer shades. These are so different for me because I had never used an orange, yellow or purple (matte) shades. I've used this a couple of times to create an orange eyeshadow looks and I'm so impressed. The shades are all pigmented and blend really well. I can't wait to create so many looks with this. I have so many more ideas. 

For halloween, I created a makeup look consisting of 3-4 different products (to create a skeleton, half face look). I technically wanted to recreate/copy the look that James Charles did on Kylie Jenner because watching him do that looked pretty easy. I didn't have a white liquid liner for the look, so I ordered this inexpensive Revolution Pro White Liquid Liner (£3). I've used this eyeliner once so far (on my face, not my eyes) and so far I don't know how to feel about it because it was difficult putting it over foundation on my face. It might be different when I apply it on my eyes, so I'll have to get back with you on my opinion on that. I'll definitely be incorporating it with normal makeup looks somehow.

Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. The Extra Spice palette looks so nice here, but in person I wasn't that taken with it, might have to revisit Superdrug today. I love the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop their oil is one of my favourites, so good. Great post, lovely haul, hope you have a good weekend! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Their oil sounds really good! Thank you. I hope you have a good weekend too!xx

  2. I love the Body Shop Vitamin E range, it is so good, I have also never seen that Elf lip gloss before but it is such a lovely shade! Great post!
    Grace xx

    1. Neither had I until I was browsing plumping lip glosses! Thank you xx

  3. The Soph palette is honestly one of my faves, its got so many gorgeous shades!

    Lucy | Forever September


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