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At the moment, I've been loving quite a few things; from makeup to music and TV shows. I decided not to specifically do an April favourites post and just combine some of the things I've been loving in April and May (so far) together. 

Something new for me I've been loving is a Sleek Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream. I've had this lip cream since December, however I didn't start wearing it until recently. I had never worn a metallic lipstick before, so this is different for me and I was very unsure as to what eyeshadow it would look good with. The lip cream is in the shade Roman Copper and its a lovely shade. Its easy to apply, pigmented and would look really lovely for a festival or just this time of the year in general. I know I'm going to continue wearing this a lot throughout spring and summer. Also, I don't know whether it'd work, but this would make a lovely eyeshadow.

A new TV show I started watching is Glam Masters. Glam Masters is a makeup competition between 4 people each episode, who have to create different makeup looks. This show has inspired me to do so many different looks. Its hosted by Laverne Cox, Mario Dedivanovic, Kandee Johnson and Zanna Roberts Rassi. I'm only a few episodes in and I'm really enjoying it. I already know who's won because of Kim Kardashian's YouTube video, but I'm still excited to watch more episodes and I need to catch up because I'm a couple of episodes behind. 

Another lipstick I've been wearing a lot is my Barry M Lip Paint in the shade Pose. Pose is a lovely pink, matte shade and I think its fitting for this time of the year. I've had this for like a year, but I hadn't worn this in a few months until recently as I'd been wearing darker lipsticks for autumn and winter. I found some other lip products that I really like wearing with this, so it creates a nice lip trio.

Two nail polishes I've been into is Barry M's Sunset Daylight Curling nail polish in the shade Do You Pink I'm Sexy? and Barry M's Coconut Infused nail polish in the shade Surfboard. The Daylight Curling nail polish is a very light shade, which means you've got to apply quite a few coats, however its still lovely. I've been wearing this on fake nails and I think it looks really pretty. The Coconut Infused nail polish is a lovely lilac shade. I have no other shade like this and its become one of my favourites. 

Now for the many songs I've been loving. A lot of my favourite singers have been releasing new music/albums, so I've been liking a lot of new stuff. 
  • No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande: I was so excited for Ariana's new song to come out and I love No Tears Left To Cry. I'm so happy that Ariana's back with new music and I'm so excited for her new album to be released. 
  • Sin Pijama - Becky G & Natti Natasha: Becky G and Natti Natasha have been two of my favourite latin singers for a while, so I was really excited to find out they were coming out with a song together. I love this song, its really good and catchy. 
  • Familiar - Liam Payne & J Balvin: Not long before this song came out I was thinking about how I miss there being Spanglish/Spanish songs on the radio here in the UK (mostly Capital because thats what I listen to the most) because they're rarely/never played. Anyway, my wish was fulfilled because Liam Payne released a Spanglish song with J Balvin. I've had this song on repeat and I love it. 
  • beerbongs & bentleys - Post Malone (album)
  • Nice For What - Drake
  • Let Me - Zayn
  • Ambiente - J Balvin
  • Perdido - Poo Bear ft J Balvin 
  • Colors - Jason Derulo & Maluma: I have become obsessed with song and ever since first hearing this, Maluma has become one of my favourite singers. This song is so catchy and I love it.
  • CNCO - CNCO (album)
  • Meant To Be - Bebe Rexha ft Florida Georgia Line: When this first came out, I wasn't too sure whether I liked it, but its grown on me and now I absolutely love it.
  • Chun-Li - Nicki Minaj
  • Barbie Tingz - Nicki Minaj
  • Love Lies - Khalid & Normani: This was another song that I wasn't so sure about when I first heard it, but now I really love it. 
  • Dura (remix) - Daddy Yankee ft Becky G, Bad Bunny & Natti Natasha: I'm still listening to the original of Dura constantly and that came out in January, but I was so excited when Daddy Yankee dropped the Dura remix. Its so good.
  • El Anillo - Jennifer Lopez
  • Move To Miami - Enrique Iglesias ft Pitbull: I was so excited for this song to be released and I definitely wasn't disappointed. Enrique and Pitbull make some of the best songs together and this is for sure one of them.
  • Youth - Shawn Mendes ft Khalid
  • Bloom - Troye Sivan
  • Back To You - Selena Gomez

NBA2K16: A game I've really been loving is NBA2K16. My brother and I have been playing NBA on his PS4 for a few weeks now and I love it. I wouldn't class myself as a gamer because I don't play a huge amount of games like my brother does, but I definitely play a lot of Playstation games that I love and NBA is one of my new favourites. I really want to play some of the others to see what they're like too. 

What have you been loving recently?


  1. I've loved reading this post, as I can agree with and relate to so many of these! I've never tried the metallic matte me lippies - I've got the regular matte me in velvet slipper, but it'd look great with this shade as a lip topper! x I NEED to watch Glam Masters, as it sounds right up my street and YASSS - 'that's a real one in your reflection,
    without a follow, without a mention'. Drake is literally the love of my life. Great choices here x
    Marina Rosie x

    1. are the regular matte me lipsticks good? I really want to try some regular ones. Glam Masters is soo good. love love love Drake! thank you x

  2. I've never heard of Glam Masters, but I'm definitely going to be checking it out - sounds like a good watch! I really enjoyed reading this post!
    Becca //

    1. its so good and I really recommend it. thank you!


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