Curling my hair with Lee Stafford's CoCo LoCo WONDERBALL curlers

¡Feliz domingo! I've been a bit MIA from blogging in the past couple of weeks and hopefully from now on, I'll be more active with uploading and reading others blogposts. To return, I thought I'd speak about something I don't talk about much, hair tools. 

Curling my hair is something I had very rarely done in the past couple of years. This is up until a few months ago, when I got my own pair of curlers. I've never owned my own curlers as I've always used my mums; only her curlers I liked were very old and actually started sparking and smoking while I was using them. That happened over a year ago and we got rid of them asap. Last year I finally mastered curling my hair with straighteners and although it worked, it took me a lot longer to curl my hair and it occasionally left my hair smelling of burning.

Lee Stafford has always been a brand that I've been eager to try after hearing so many wonderful things. I had always liked the sound of the chopstick curlers as I've seen hundreds of people use them and they look like they curl your hair so nicely. When I saw these CoCo LoCo curlers in a YouTube video, I had to try these instead. While the chopstick curlers are still on my wish list, the video I saw looked like these curlers curled hair really nicely. I've been using these for a few months now and I did briefly speak about them in a post near the beginning of this year, but I wanted to write a whole post about them.

"Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and repairing damaged hair. Lee Stafford's CoCo LoCo WONDERBALL Wand is infused with this magical goodness as its one of the best ingredients you can use on your hair.

This one is for those who love changing their hair. Use Lee Stafford's CoCo LoCo WONDERBALL Wand to create effortless beauty waves by wrapping your hair over the spheric barrel or get bohemian curls when you wrap it between the barrel. Or go nuts and mix it up by doing a bit of both for wild curls."

Starting with switching them on. These curlers have an on and off switch and a light above the switch, so you know when its on. I'm pretty sure most, if not all curlers have on and off switches, so its probably nothing shocking. It has a swivel cord, which is always helpful for if you're moving around a lot while curling. These heat up to 200 degrees and if you're concerned about burning yourself, I would recommend using a glove just incase. I'm impressed with how quickly these heat up because it means I don't have to wait around for them for ages. By the time I've plugged them in and brushed my hair, they're ready to be used. 

Something I like about these curlers is that because of the shape of these, you can create loose or tight curls, depending on which part you wrap your hair around. I find it easy to keep my hair wrapped around the barrel with these because on straight wands, my hair slips off it. I'm really happy with these because I can curl my hair so much quicker than what I used to. It now takes me around 25 minutes, whereas with previous curlers, it took me an hour or longer. I always used to get bored of curling my hair halfway through and now its bearable. Also, the curls stay in my hair literally all day, without any hairspray. I'm always amazed because even though they do drop, by the time I wash my hair that night, the curls are still there and are still really curly. 

For £19.99, these are seriously incredible. I am highly impressed and its made me love curling my hair again. I definitely want to try more from Lee Stafford's hair tools, especially the chopstick curlers. 


  1. Wow I wasn't expecting them to cost just £19.99! The curls look pretty. I curl my hair often and always use a straight wand, I don't know how I'd get on with this one xx

    1. they're so reasonably priced! thank you. I'd only used a straight wand until I got these, but I find these so much easier!xx


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