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Since blogging, I've done 2 top 10 under £10 posts. The first one was before I went cruelty-free and mostly consisted of products that I don't own or use anymore. The second was a mix of makeup, nails, nail polishes and other beauty items. I decided to redo my top 10 under £10 with a mix of makeup and some other beauty bits. Most of my beauty items are under £10, which made it extremely difficult to choose just 10 items to put into this post.  

I am considering doing another one at some point and I also want to do a top 5 under £5, so I didn't include products under £5 for that reason. One thing I seem to be good at is going on and on and on about the same makeup products, so at the bottom of this post I've linked the reviews I've done if you're interested in reading more about them.

1. Starting off with a product that's just come under the £10 mark by 1p, is the Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette. This palette prices at £9.99 so it has just made it into this post. I'm highly impressed with this palette and have been using it so much. It was a product I loved quickly as it's already mad it into my top 10 under £10 and I got it in December. It has 4 lovely shades; a rosy pink cream, a lavender baked powder, a yellowy powder and a light peach baked powder. Each shade is pigmented, very pretty and long lasting. 

2. I couldn't make a top 10 under £10 and not include a LUSH product, could I? One of my favourite LUSH products is the LUSH Mask Of Magnaminty mask. I have the 125g pot which costs £6.95 and this is my favourite face masks. This is supposed to help with spots and since I have a lot, I thought this would work. Personally, I can't see a difference (yet, anyway. I don't know how long/much you're supposed to use it to notice a difference?) but I love this mask regardless. It's a mint face and body mask and it smells so good. At first, the scent was a little overpowering and made my face and eyes sting/burn, however I've now got used to it and it's fine. I love how soft this face mask makes my skin and how well it makes my skin feeling fresh. The mask contains seeds (I think that's what it is), which makes my face feel exfoliated once I remove it.

3. Brow pencil are something I never used to like that much until I tried the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. I purchased this because I saw so many good blogposts and YouTube videos about it. For £8, this is an amazing product. It's the only brow pencil I own and I've repurchased it multiple times. The product is double ended and comes with a spoolie on one end and of course, the brow pencil on the opposite end. Having a spoolie and brow pencil in one product makes this just a bit easier, especially when it comes to travelling with it. The pencil itself is very good, easy to work with and long lasting. One thing I like about this brow pencil is that it's pigmented, but buildable.  

4. A hand cream favourite of mine is the Zoella Wonder Hand Cream. This is my second tube of this and I love it. Hand creams are a huge part of my daily products as my hands are dry 90% of the time, so having hand creams are essentials for me. This hand cream saves and repairs my hands during the autumn/winter. My hands are a mess when they're dry because they're cracked, bleeding and are very sore, but this hand cream helps hugely. It sinks into my skin extremely well and isn't greasy or sticky. It makes my hands feel so much better. This is £6, which I think is good price for a hand cream, considering my LUSH one costs me a little over £8! 

5. A kind of recent favourite of mine that I've been using since October, is the ELF x Heart Defensor Highlighter Duo. This was my first purchase from ELF in almost 4 years and I'm beyond happy with it. I was hugely impressed with how quick it got me (considering it was coming from the US), the fact that I got free postage and how amazing this product is. Ok, I feel like I'm writing a whole review on it now and I've kinda gone off topic. Anyway, this is my favourite highlighter and since I got this, I've been using it so much. The shades are called Coffee and Cream and they're beautiful. Cream is my most used, however Coffee is also really lovely. I love the formula of these and they're hugely pigmented. For £9, this is an incredible highlighter. 

6. The only eyeshadow palette I own under £10 is my Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette. I have phases where I use this all the time and then phases where I don't (but I have that with every eyeshadow palette). In this palette are 32 incredible shades for just £8. I'm always impressed and amazed by Makeup Revolution's products and this is one I'm most impressed with. All of these shades are extremely pigmented, creamy and apply so nicely. I love that there's a wide shade range containing colours I never thought I'd use and ones I absolutely love. The formula of these are great, they're such a good quality and long lasting.

7. I've tried many, many concealers in the time I've been wearing them and the one I've found to be my favourite is the LA Girl Pro Concealer. I always see a lot of hype surrounding this concealer and I understand why. For £5, you get a concealer which is creamy, easy to blend in, long lasting and with good coverage. I have a shade for brightening underneath my eyes, bridge of my nose and forehead and a shade for contouring with. Both of which I love and I've repurchased this numerous times, but a tube lasts me almost a year.

8. False lashes became one of my favourite items to wear and buy last year. One of my favourites is the Ardell Demi Wispies, which are £5.49! These are made of 100% human hair, which I prefer that than animal hair. These lashes are perfect for a more everyday look. They're not dramatic or over the top, they look really lovely and can be worn with a full face of makeup or a minimal amount of makeup. Either way, they're lovely lashes. They have a thin band which makes applying easy.

9. Lip gloss has become my favourite and one specifically is my NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Madeline. This lipgloss is very pretty and looks lovely on it's own or over a lipstick. I love that this isn't sticky. I wouldn't say it lasts for a huge amount of time. It really only lasts until I eat or drink and then I have to reapply it. One of my favourite things about this is that it's very moisturising, which means that I can use this instead of a lip balm when I'm wearing makeup. This is £5.50! 

10. Lastly is another highlighter and this is the NYX Liquid Illuminator in the shade Sunbeam. I'm aware this post is very highlighter heavy (3 out of 10 are highlighters), but I'm just obsessed with highlighter. This is the only liquid illuminator that I own and I'm really impressed with this product. At first, I thought applying a liquid illuminator would be difficult to apply, however it's surprisingly easy. Applying this is simple and blends in really well. It's lightweight, subtle, pigmented and very pretty. The formula of this is really good as it's not runny or greasy and it lasts a long time. I like to apply this before I powder my face and then either leave it like that once I've applied powder, or put powder highlighter over it. This is £8 and it lasts a long time because you really only need a small amount. 

What are your top 10 under £10?

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  1. I've heard so many good things about the NYX eyebrow pencils! What are the shades like? x
    Amber |

    1. the NYX eyebrow pencils are so good. they have a good range of shades, which are pigmented and buildable!x

  2. I can't vouch for that Sleek Highlighting Palette enough, its so so good for the price xx

  3. That ELF highlighter looks so dreamy, I really need to pick one up for myself!

    Steph -

    1. its amazing. I definitely recommend it!


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