Sleek Solstice highlighter palette | is it worth the hype?

After reading what feels like a thousand and one blogposts about the Sleek Solstice Highlighter palette, I finally own it. You have no idea how excited I am about finally trying something from Sleek. I feel like everyone has tried Sleek and I've read nothing but good things about the brand. I know there are so many reviews on this palette as it's so popular, but I wanted to share my thoughts too. I've wanted to try this for so long and I was excited to write a post on it and swatch it.

Description on Superdrug's website: This versatile face and body highlighting palette suits all skin tones and includes two baked powders, one luxurious cream formula and one silky shimmer powder.

I love the packaging of this palette. It's a gold metallic and I think it's really nice, although it shows up EVERY finger print. It has a magnetic closure and it has a mirror on the inside of the lid. Inside there is a brush, that I don't use because I use my brush that I always use for highlighter. If you don't have a highlighter brush then the brush it comes with would be handy to have. 

The palette has four lovely shades which are a cream, a shimmer powder and two baked powders. All of these shadows are very pigmented and are all so easy to apply. I absolutely love the formula of these. 

Ecliptic: Ecliptic is a rosy pink cream highlighter. I hadn't used a cream in a long time. It's the creamiest and easiest cream I've ever used. I apply this using my finger and it applies so nicely and well. This is my least highlighter used because I do prefer using powder, but it's a lovely shade and I do like it. Although it's pink, it has a white sheen once applied. 

Hemisphere: Hemisphere is a lovely lavender looking baked powder. This is one I wasn't too sure whether I was going to like because it's lavender. I tried it and I absolutely love it. Once applied, it has more of a white sheen, kind of like the Ecliptic but less subtle. This is a good formula and one of my most used shades from this palette.

Equinox: Equinox is a light peach baked highlighter. I knew I was going to like this shade. Just like Hemisphere, once applied it's more of a white sheen. This is also one of my favourite shades from this palette. 

Subsolar: Subsolar is a yellowy powder. I like the formula of this one, but it also has a white sheen to it once it's applied like all the others. I've used this a couple of times and I really like it.

All highlighters look similar when they're on, but they're pretty shades. They're long lasting and I'm really impressed with these. The palette is only £9.99 and it's definitely worth the money. I am really happy with this palette and I definitely think it's worth the hype. I'm so glad I finally tried it. Besides my ELF x Heart Defensor highlighter duo, this has become the highlighters I've been using all the time. The formulas are great, they're very pigmented and such good quality.

Shades from left to right: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar & Equinox.

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  1. This palette is always something I see being spoken about! The shades look so pretty.
    Amber |

  2. It seems so strange to have a cream highlighter in there with the powders - I'm not sure how much I'd use that one! The lavender-esque shade looks beautiful though

    Steph -

    1. it is to be honest. its my least used, but its very pretty. I love the lavender one, its so beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous palette, I only tried Sleek for the first time back in the summer but I have been blown away by everything I have tried so far xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo ♥

    1. what products would you recommend from them? I've tried this palette and a lip cream and I want to try so much more, but not sure what next!xxx


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