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I love doing outfit posts, however I barely do them because I never like how the photos turn out. I'm also not the best at taking photos of outfit flat lays. I need to practice, but I'm quite happy with how these photos turned out. I recently got a new outfit that I've been wearing a lot. It's also pretty colourful, which is unusual for me. 

I'm going to start with my hoodie, which is from New Look. The hoodie is comfortable, oversized and has a big pocket at the front. I absolutely love the colour and I've wanted a hoodie in this colour for ages. I actually found this in the New Look sale for just £4 not long ago. The hoodie is rather thin, so if I'm going outside in the freezing cold, I layer this with a big jacket. 

I love these jeans so much. These are from New Look. I nearly bought a pair exactly like these from PrettyLittleThing for £25, but I found these in the New Look sale for £9! They fit perfectly and are quite stretchy too. Only the bottoms are distressed and I love how it looks. I really wanted a pair of blue jeans as I haven't owned a pair of blue jeans in a couple of years.

I forgot to photograph the belt I wear with these, but it's just a Primark faux leather black and gold belt. I've had the belt for a couple of years and it's lasted me really well. It's a good size and obviously does what it's supposed to, so I don't know what else to say about it.

The shoes are my Public Desire pink crushed velvet Yinka creepers. I got these in the Public Desire sale for £14.99 and I absolutely love them. I love crushed velvet and pink. These are completely different to anything else I own and I love how these look with this outfit. They're extremely comfortable. I got these in my size (a 4), but they're a teeny bit too big for me. The laces tighten up so well and they don't slide off my feet.

Lastly for my hat. I love these types of hats and this one is from New Look. I got it for £2.50 in a sale and couldn't not get it. I have wanted a pink hat for ages. It's a pink satin with Tokyo on the front and it's such a lovely pink. It's comfortable to wear and it's actually adjustable. My other hat from New Look isn't adjustable, so I'm happy that this is.

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  1. Such a great outfit! Love your taste.

  2. OMG Pink! Gotta love dusty pinks, such cute shoes and ahhh everything!
    The photos are great!

  3. That hoodie looks so soft and comfortable! I spend so much of my time in loungewear that I think this year I really need to get some new pieces

    Steph -


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