My 2018 makeup goals

Every year I set new goals. Some of my goals tend to be simple things and some tend to be more challenging. This year I've set myself some normal goals, blog goals, YouTube goals and beauty goals. I want to share my makeup goals. These might not be the most interesting, however I've never had yearly makeup goals, so it's different for me.

  • Try different eyeshadow shades: I think I might have mentioned before about wanting to try new eyeshadow shades. I always stick to the same brown, bronze, gold and copper eyeshadows. This year I want to try more colourful and different shades. I did try a dark green in December and wanted to do a blogpost on it, but I ended up disliking the shade. I want to try different shades and see if I like those. I have some colourful shades in some of my palettes that I want to try.
  • Use my non-regular products more: do you have those products that you don't use regularly for some reason? I have some and my goal is to use them more. I need to play around with makeup and go for different products instead of using the same ones that I always use.
  • Stop buying eyeshadows: this will be a bit of a difficult one because guess where I always end up when shopping for makeup in store and online? Yep, the eyeshadows. Eyeshadows are my absolute favourites and they're what I have the most of. I have seven eyeshadow palettes, three single eyeshadows and a loose pigment. I don't need anymore eyeshadows. Lets see how long I can stick to this one...
  • Find more cruelty-free affordable brands: since going cruelty-free in 2016, I found a few drugstore/affordable brands that I absolutely love. I'd love to try more brands and share my thoughts on those. I need to go on a hunt for cruelty-free drugstore brands because I always stick to Barry M, Makeup Revolution, MUA, NYX and recently ELF. I have actually tried a couple of Sleek products, so I'm sure I'll write a post and share my thoughts.
  • Use my Makeup Revolution Ultimate palette more: at the end of 2016, I got the Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate eyeshadow palette. Because it's not with all my other makeup items as it's so much bigger, I tend to forget to use it. It has 144 different shades, with SO many colours in. This kind of brings me back to trying different eyeshadow shades because this has loads of colourful shades in that I'd love to try.
Do you have any makeup goals for this year? 

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  1. This was such a good post idea! I definitely wanna start using different coloured eyeshadows and make my looks abit more interesting! X


  2. These are good makeup goals. I wish you luck on your experimenting.

  3. Omg I need to stop buying eyeshadows I have so many and don't even use them that much! I want to try out more foundations and concealers instead! xx

    1. ah, I use mine all the time but I have too many. I need to try out more concealers and foundations too!xx

  4. I definitely want to try different concealers and find a bronzer that I love this year. I also have to stop buying eyeshadows haha! I got 5 palettes for Christmas so I think that is enough.......xx

    1. I want to try different concealers too!xx

  5. I really need to stop buying eyeshadows, and eyeshadow palettes as I have so many already - but I get so easily tempted!

    Lucy | Forever September


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