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I started off 2017 very MIA from social media. I had deactivated my Instagram in December 2016 and then reactivated it and first posted back on Instagram towards the end of January 2017. I hadn't been really active as I'd been previous years, but I thought I'd look back at some of my photos from 2017. Most of what I did post in 2017 was makeup, so in this I shared more photos that aren't as I thought it'd be different.

I came back to Instagram with a photo of two of my favourite bracelets. I NEVER post jewellery, so this was completely different for me. One is from Ted Baker and the other is from Accessorize. I love these and they've been two of my most worn jewellery pieces throughout 2017.

I got my first pair of Public Desire boots and heeled boots. This was also my first pair of shoes in general from Public Desire. I love them.

This is an old photo and quite unclear, however I love blossom. I think it's so beautiful. Occasionally on my Instagram I like to post different photos besides makeup and I really like this photo. The original wasn't unclear, but I think it lost quality when I edited it.

I found this house in Alverstoke years ago. The road is full of beautiful, white houses and outside one of them is the ballerina statue. How lovely is it? I would love to live in this house.

I tried my first Spectrum brushes and I'm obsessed. How beautiful are the pink handles though? These are definitely one of my favourite purchases of 2017.

We took my Mum to Brighton for Mothers Day and it was a lovely day, very warm and very sunny. Usually every time I go to Brighton the weather isn't the best, so it was really lovely going on a sunny day. I love Brighton, it's one of my favourite places to visit. 

I went on holiday in May for the first time in years and got to pack my makeup, which was very exciting choosing what to take! Although I didn't actually end up wearing barely any of it in the end when I was there, I still enjoyed writing a blogpost/filming a YouTube video on it. It was handy to take with me what I thought I might have needed, just incase.

I started wearing false lashes again and I created this makeup look, which you can't really see all that well in this photo. The lashes I'm wearing are the Ardell Demi Wispies and I love them. Also my Purpose Tour hoodie I'm wearing in this photo is extremelyyyy comfortable.

Another brand of lashes I tried was Red Cherry. I had wanted to try Red Cherry for the longest time. very kindly sent these to me and I did write a post on them here, if you'd like to give that a read. These have become my favourite lashes. I've worn them SO much and they're still holding up well.

Copper is very popular at the moment and I'm totally loving it. I got some copper stationary and I just love these paperclips, they're so pretty. 

I finally tried more from LUSH in 2017. I tried the LUSH Snow Fairy shower gel back in 2014 and for some reason, it took me until 2017 to purchase from LUSH. Why on earth did it take me so long? I'm not obsessed with LUSH and definitely will be buying more from them this year. 

Betty Me very kindly sent me one of their Betty Boxes and inside was this Trust-Fund Beauty nail polish in the shade London Snog. Now, I'm not someone who wore grey nail polish very much, but this has become one of my favourite nail shades and I'm always wearing it. I'd love to try more from Trust-Fund Beauty.

In October, I got my hands on the ELF x Heart Defensor highlighter duo, which I was surprised I actually managed to get. I love this highlighter. It's pigmented, so pretty and my most used highlighter product. 

I started getting into making my winged eyeliner longer. I practiced and I got the hang of it. I do it every time I wear eyeliner now. I really love this makeup look.

The last photo I posted in 2017 was multiple photos of guinea pig, Lola. Lola's almost six now, which is so crazy. She's adorable. We got her a soft, purple bed (like a dog bed) a few months ago and she absolutely loves it. She lays on it for ages, so I decided to do a little photoshoot of her and I love how these photos turned out.

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  1. I've been having such a love hate with instagram at the moment as well but really need to start incorporating way more lifestyle and scenery photos because just makeup flatlays to me are getting a bit repetitive so you've seriously inspired me to step out (and go on the hunt for blossom trees) xx

    1. me too. I keep posting the saaaame photos of makeup so I've been a bit quiet on it until I can come up with more photo ideas! ah blossom trees are beautiful!xx

  2. Your photography is amazing! Your eyeliner looks so, so good. I just can't seem to get the hang of winged eyeliner. Personally I love Instagram and use it all the time. Thanks for sharing. xo

  3. You have amazing pictures! Love your style xx

  4. oh my god. those boots ♥♥♥ i am in LOVE.

    so many beautiful photos from your year and so many lovely memories!

    katie. xx

  5. Instagram is awful at the moment, I only really post when I have a blog post up now and maybe a couple of others in between, I run a beauty feature page with my friend Gemma so if ever you have a beauty pic you'd like us to share, use the # abeautyedit :) a few people have said it has helped them xxxx

    Zoë - MammafulZo 💕

    1. ah thank you for letting me know, I'll try that at some point:)xxxx


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