My tree + desk decoration tour

Happy December! I am SO happy that it's finally December. I've been waiting to upload this post since I put up my tree in the last couple of weeks of November, but I wanted to wait until December to publish it. I put my tree/decorations up in my room earlier than I usually do. I pre-filmed some YouTube videos for this month and I wanted my tree in the background. 

I'll start with my desk. I absolutely love the nutcracker, so next to my tree I have two nutcrackers. The silver sparkly nutcracker is my favourite and this was from The Range. The nutcracker I have next to that is my smaller gold, green and red sparkly nutcracker. This is my newest decoration and it's from Tesco. I'd love a collection of nutcrackers. 

Next to my nutcrackers, I have my Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe, which I was really excited about putting with my decorations this year. I got this for christmas last year, which meant that I didn't have long before I took my decorations down. I love the Grande Hotel Cafe because it's pretty, pink and christmassy. 

Onto my tree. My tree is from Pound Stretchers a couple of years ago and I had always wanted a white tree. It looks rather bare and I wish there were more branches. I should probably get more decorations to fill it up and maybe it'll fix it from looking bare. It goes well in my room and fits perfectly on one side of my desk.

I have three clear lights. I have clear lights because they hide in my tree better than my old green lights used to. These are from The Range.

Now onto the tree decorations. The baubles I have are these white sparkly, blue sparkly, blue chrome and matte blue. At the time I got these a couple of years ago, my theme was blue, white and silver, but now I just put whatever on my tree. These are from Pound Land. They're really good quality and they're the perfect size for my tree. The white sparkly ones are probably my favourites.

These sparkly snowflakes are also from Pound Land. I got these a couple of years ago too. There's a silver, white and blue sparkly one.

On the top of my tree I have this silver sparkly reindeer. I got this from Pound Land a couple of years ago and ever since, I've put it on the top of my tree. It's pretty large and wont go anywhere else on my tree, which is why I like to keep it at the top. 

At the bottom of my tree, I have this gold heel. It's pretty big and heavy for my tree, so I like to keep it at the bottom. This is from Tesco and I think it's beautiful. 

Another favourite of mine is this gold reindeer from The Range. It's kind of big for my tree, but I managed to make it fit between branches. 

Plotted around my tree are these three red, wooden nutcrackers. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I love the nutcracker. When I found these in Tesco last year, I knew I had to put them on my tree.

The last and newest tree decoration I have, is my clear plastic swan (which is the very first photo of this post). This is rather big and heavy, but I put it between branches and it looks and fits nicely. 

I love how my desk and tree look. I'd love to add more decorations to fill my tree up a bit more because it looks bare. Ever since putting my tree up I've felt so christmassy and now it's December and we've got the decorations up in the rest of the house, it's even more christmassy.

Where is your favourite place to shop for decorations?

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