Gift guide for teenage boys/men

Does anyone else find shopping for guys really, really difficult? Buying for my dad and two brothers is always a challenge. I've put together a gift guide for teenage boys/men to give you an idea if you're struggling too.

Games | Game consoles (if you don't mind something pricey) or games are a good idea if the guy you're buying for is into gaming. Even controllers (there are some cool colourful ones) or controller covers are a good gift. There are a huge amount of games like board games, card games, Playstation/Xbox games and more available. 

Fragrances | There are ton of choices from brands that sell so many fragrances and fragrance gift sets. 

Gadgets | Gadgets always seem to interest guys. Red5/MenKind have such a huge variety of unusual and cool gadgets. 

Hats/shoes/clothes | Hats, shoes and clothes are a great gift because everyone wants and needs them. I recently discovered a shop near me called Capkandi that sell a lot of American sport teams hats and clothes. If the guy you're buying for it into that, Capkandi is a great place. I'm unsure how much you can buy online and whether they have any other stores around the UK, but if you live in/near Portsmouth or are visiting, it's a good shop to visit. 

Number plates | If you're willing to go for a bit of a pricier gift, a personalised number plate is a good gift idea if the guy you're buying for is into that. I'm not 100% sure how much personalised number plates are, but I think it varies. 

Game merch | Like games, game merch is a great gift idea. Rockstar games have an online Rockstar Warehouse with a bunch of game merch and some cool GTA merch. This phone case and mouse mat are iFruit merch from GTA5. 

Things for their cars/bikes | Things for their cars/bikes are a good gift idea, especially if it's something they need/have wanted for a while. 

Remote control things | Guys love remote control things. There are SO many RC cars, helicopters, planes etc. (this one photographed is actually my RC G-Wagon my brother got me for christmas a couple of years ago).

Watches/jewellery | While the guys in my house aren't hugely into jewellery, some guys are very into it.

Skincare | Skincare products are a good gift idea.

Do you have any other idea for teenage boys/men?

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  1. This is such a great gift guide! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. I find it so hard to buy for the men in my life. I hadn't thought of fragrance gift sets, thanks!

    Steph -


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