September Favourites

During September, I've been loving a few new things and some things I forgot I had. I've been really into some skincare products at the moment. 

Mua Pearl Mono Single Eyeshadows - Bronze and Chamoisee | Two products I've had for a while that I've been loving this month is my MUA Bronze and Chamoisee single eyeshadows. I've especially been loving Chamoisee. I used to use these two eyeshadows all the time and I've featured them in a lot of posts over the past couple of years, but I recently started using them again. For a while I mostly used eyeshadows in palettes and because these are single shadows, I kind of neglected them. Anyway, since I've been doing some more autumnal looks, I've been using these a ton and I forgot how much I loved them. They're extremely pigmented, creamy and long lasting.

Zoella Body Scrub | I've actually had this for quite a while and forgot I had it. At the end of August, I started using it again and I've been loving it a lot this month. It makes my skin extremely soft and exfoliates really well. I've been loving this so much. I'm not sure if you can buy it anymore though.

Niki & Gabi Summer Break | After enjoying Niki and Gabi's Spring Break on AwesomenessTV's YouTube channel, I was so excited for their summer break season. So far I've been loving them and I really hope they bring out another season. 

LUSH moisturiser, face masks, hand cream and lip scrub | I wrote a LUSH haul a couple of weeks ago (here), so I'm not going to speak about these a huge amount. This month I've been loving the Skin Drink MoisturiserRosy Cheeks Face MaskHelping Hands Hand Cream and Bubblegum Lip Scrub. A new face mask I've been loving is the Mask Of Magnaminty. I got this after I wrote my LUSH haul, so I haven't spoken about this yet. I've been loving all of these so much and I've really noticed a difference on my skin. They're amazing products and I've been using them a ton throughout September.

Trust Fund Beauty nail polish | I haven't been loving a new huge amount of nail polishes recently because I haven't really tried many different ones. A nail polish I've been loving is London Snog by Trust Fund Beauty and its a lovely grey shade. Its completely different to something I would've worn before, but I love it.

What have you been loving in September? 

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  1. Ooo the Zoella body scrub looks good! I want it! Xx

    1. its so good, but I'm unsure whether its available anymore:(xx

  2. I really want to try the Mask of Magnaminty - it's one of the few LUSH face masks that I haven't tried yet!

    Steph -


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