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Grey nail polish is something that I haven't worn in years and I didn't own any of until recently. In the Betty Box I received (and wrote a blogpost about here), one of the things in it was this Trust Fund Beauty nail polish. I hadn't heard of the brand Trust Fund Beauty before and I was interested to test out this nail polish and see what it was like. I'm not actually sure if Trust Fund Beauty is sold in the UK, which could be why I've never seen it. I normally stick to Barry M's nail polish, so being introduced to Trust Fund Beauty was exciting.

The shade is London Snog and its a lovely medium storm grey. This is different to what I'd usually wear and I've been wearing it a lot. I love using this underneath sparkly nail polish as the two together look lovely. The brush is long and thick, which I find makes application very easy. The nail polish is really pigmented, but I like to use two layers of it and it applies so smoothly. I found that this nail polish dries pretty quickly and doesn't feel sticky/tacky either. I'm really impressed with how quickly it dries. 

It lasted me a couple of days until it chipped. It didn't chip hugely, however whenever I have long natural nails, nail polish always chips in the same corner. I just topped it up the first time and it was fine for another couple of days. When I had shorter nails and used this, it didn't chip and lasted for 6-7 days, which was a lot better. I wear false nails a lot, so on those it won't chip.

Overall I'm impressed with this nail polish. This is $10 (around £7) for 17ml, which I think is a fairly good price. They do ship to the UK, however on their website it says they ship a maximum of three full size bottles due to the custom requirements. I'm unsure how much shipping costs as I didn't buy this. I really want to try more from this brand because they have so many lovely shades and Trust Fund Beauty also sell other beauty products. Trust Fund Beauty is a cruelty-free and vegan brand and I really wish they would sell in shops in the UK! I love this shade and now I want to try more grey nail polishes because it looks really nice at this time of the year.

Have you tried Trust Fund Beauty before?

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