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I've been a fan of Heart's since I started watching YouTubers back in 2013 and as soon as she announced that she teamed up with ELF Cosmetics to create a highlighter duo, I knew I had to get it. £9 for a highlighter duo that looks incredible and was available to purchase in the UK without crazy shipping prices? Yes please. 

After refreshing the website multiple times throughout the day of the release and managing to get it nearly 2 hours before it was supposed to come out, I was more than happy. I think it was supposed to come out at 10:30am PST, which should've been 6:30pm GMT, but I got it just before 5pm and a few hours later it was sold out. I also got free delivery, so it was a good day. I hadn't reordered from ELF's website since around 2013 and I wasn't aware that it was being shipped from the US until after I ordered it. Obviously it wasn't an issue but it said it would arrive in 6-10 days and it arrived in 4 working days, which I was really impressed with.

I'll start with the packaging, how pretty is the rose gold? I love it. Chrome and rose gold are my favourite, so I really love the packaging. On the front it has 'ELF' in big writing, 'Heart Defensor' in a nice font and a heart. The packaging feels like good quality and clicks shut. When you open the palette it has a round, very clear mirror on the inside of the lid. The 2 highlighters are split in half and theres a good amount of product in there. 

I am obsessed with the shades. Coffee is on the left and cream is on the right. The highlighters are so soft, creamy and swatch amazingly well. The highlighters aren't powdery and they apply really nicely. I use my Spectrum Angled Brush or my Makeup Gallery Angled Brush to apply it. I don't have an actual highlighter brush, but these work extremely well. The perfect amount of highlighter comes out and the highlighters are extremely pigmented and such good quality.

Coffee is a lovely light rose gold shade, which looks darker in the pan than on your face. Cream is such a pretty light shade. You can also mix them together and it makes a beautiful shade. The highlighters were made to blend into all skin tones and they look really nice with a full-face of makeup, a minimal makeup look or no makeup. I love wearing them on my cheeks, nose, inner corner of my eyes, brow bone and cupids bow. The shades also last a really long time on. 

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the highlighter, the shades and ELF's delivery. For an affordable price, you get an amazing product. I've been wearing this every time I wear makeup and sometimes with a bare face. The packaging is so pretty,  lightweight and the highlighters are beautiful. I think this is limited edition, however ELF should be having a restock at some point. 

have you tried this highlighter?

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  1. I'm waiting for this to come back in stock! It looks so pretty! xo

    Samantha’s Beauty Loves

    1. hope you manage to get one, its amazing!x

  2. Beautiful shade!! Sleek does really good highlighters too :)

    Caterina | caterinasosso.com

    1. i’ve never tried Sleek highlighters, but i’ve heard good things about them:)

  3. I really want to try some bits from ELF, and this looks like a fab place to start! Such a dreamy highlight duo

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. ELF’s makeup is really good and such an affordable price!


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