Collective haul | ELF, Primark + more

Since I barely do hauls, I thought I'd put together a collective one. I've recently picked up some things that I've needed and theres a mix of things. 

ELF x Heart Defender Highlighter Duo | the first thing I'm going to talk about is the ELF x Heart Defensor highlighter duo. I got this on the day of the release (a few weeks ago) before it sold out within a couple of hours. I'm not going to talk about this too much because I'm writing a blogpost on it. The two highlighters are beautiful and its called Coffee 'N Cream. This was £9 and I think theres going to be another release soon.

Primark boots | I'm in love with these boots. I got these from Primark and I do want to write a post about these soon, so I'm not going to speak massively about them. These were around £16 (I can't quite remember the exact price). They're velvet and so soft. They're comfortable and I love that they tie up at the back. 

2018 Diary | diaries are something I've had for the past couple of years to keep myself organised. I recently went to Garsons and came across their 2018 diaries. I found this lovely one for only £3.99! This diary is good because it also has a note section, a to do list section, an address section and a little folder. 

It also is a very good quality book and will fit into most of my bags. The weeks are all on the same two pages, which I like because my 2017 diary was a page a day and I like all the weeks being together. I'm excited to use this in 2018. 

ELF Volumizing & Defining Mascara | ELF is now sold at Superdrug, which is super exciting.   Although ELF ships to the UK, the delivery isn't as quick as Superdrug. I hadn't shopped at ELF since maybe 2013 until this month (when I got the highlighter duo) and I wanted to try a mascara. I used an ELF mascara years ago but I couldn't remember what it was like.

This was £3, which I think is great. I've used this mascara a few times since and it separates my lashes really well and lengthens them. You do need a few coats otherwise it looks quite thin, but it works really well on my bottom lashes. I've found that it doesn't transfer/smudge, that might change, but so far so good. I'm sure I'll do a whole review on this once I've used it a lot more. 

Elegant Touch 007 Coffin Shaped Nails and MUA Eye Define Felt Liner | two repurchases I made were the Elegant Touch false nails and the MUA felt liner. The nails were originally £4.79 reduced to £3.10 and the felt liner was £2! I love both of these, have mentioned them quite a lot and have repurchased them a bunch of times. 

Zoella Pretty Polished Body Scrub | since the Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub was discontinued, I decided to try another body scrub. I couldn't decide between the Gelato Cream Body Scrub and the Pretty Polished Body Scrub. I chose the Pretty Polished and this was £7.50! My old Zoella body scrub has very nearly ran out, so I haven't used this one just yet. The scent is so nice and I'm hoping it'll work just as well.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm | I'd never tried a Burt's Bees lip balm before, but I've always wanted to. After discovering that they're only £3.99 (but this was reduced to £2.66), I had to try one. I've heard amazing things about Burt's Bees. I got the strawberry one and its a nice scent, but it doesn't really smell that much like strawberries. 

The lip balm itself is really good. It seems a little oily, which I don't mind, but it makes my lips feel really soft. It keeps my lips soft for a while before it needs reapplying. I actually really like this lip balm. I'm intrigued to see how long this lasts me. 

Superdrug Antibacterial Hand Gel | I've got an addiction to using antibacterial hand gel when I'm out. I always keep one in my bag and I run out pretty quickly because I use it all the time. I had a Superdrug one originally and I can't remember how much that one was, but it worked so well. This was £1.25 reduced to 61p. I was in desperate need of a new one as mine had a small amount in it. It works so well and its handy to just keep in your bag/car. 

Barry M Pink Lemonade Nail Polish | recently I've been wearing Pink Lemonade quite a bit again and I forgot how much I love this shade. It was only £3.99, Barry M's nail polishes are really inexpensive! Its such a lovely shade and I love how it looks on false nails. 

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