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Barry M are one of, if not, my favourite brand by far. They're very affordable, have good quality products and are cruelty-free. Whenever I need a new product, I always go to Barry M to see if they have what I need. Barry M is also in my local Superdrug, so whenever I got in there, I'm always browsing their products. I've been using Barry M nail polishes for so many years and had tried a couple of their makeup items, however it wasn't until I went cruelty-free that I started buying more. I've featured Barry M a ton in my blogposts before and one of my very first posts was my Barry M nail polish collection.

Lip Kit | the only lip product I've tried from Barry M is their lip kit in Pose. This comes with a lipliner and a lip paint. I use the lipliner way more than the lip paint because I use the lipliner with all of my other lip products. Its my favourite lipliner ever and I love the shade. 

The lipliner and lip paint is pink. The lip paint is a matte pink and I love how this looks, especially in the spring/summer. The lip paint comes out darker on your lips than it is in the tube, but its still a lovely shade. Neither are drying and both last for a few hours without eating or drinking. 

Radiant Rod Highlighter | although this highlighter snapped, which makes application a little difficult, I still love this highlighter. I don't use it as often as I used to, but it looks lovely. Its subtle and looks nice with a minimal makeup look.

This was my first ever highlighter and it looks super pretty on the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone. I can't use this above my contour on my cheekbones anymore as I struggle to apply it, but I want to start wearing it on my brow bone.

Feature Length Mascara | when I first got this mascara, I absolutely loved it. I do still love it, but during the summer I realised it started transferring underneath my eyes. I'm unsure why as its never done it before, but ever since getting my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, I usually just use this on my bottom lashes. Anyway, besides the fact that it started transferring recently, its a good mascara.

It makes my lashes look a lot longer and separates my lashes really well. Because of the brush being thin, it works really well on my bottom lashes. Also I love the packaging of this, its unique and really pretty. 

Natural Glow 2 Eyeshadow & Primer Palette | this was the first palette I bought and also the first Barry M makeup product I tried. I don't use this often and I don't tend to reach for it much anymore. The palette has three matte and three shimmer shades. The shades aren't hugely pigmented, but I do think the shimmery shades are slightly more pigmented than the matte shades are.

They don't wear for a huge amount of time until they start to crease. The matte shades have a little more fallout than the shimmery shades, but I either use a damp brush or my fingers to apply shimmery shades. 

Green Colour Correcting Concealer | colour correcting is something that I've really got into this year. I have quite a bit of redness from spots and just on my face next to each side of my nose. This concealer works really well at reducing the redness on my face. It works pretty well at reducing redness from my spots, depending on how much redness there is. Foundation covers it really well and I love this product.

Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit | I've had this for a couple of years and when I first tried it, I disliked it because I couldn't get along with powder contour. I find cream contour/concealer as contour so much easier. I go through phases of using this product. I could use it a lot one month and then once the next. 

When I do use this, I only use the middle shade because thats my favourite. This is a good product for beginners if you're into powder contour because it has three steps on the lid to help you out.

Flawless Finish Foundation | this is my favourite drugstore foundation I've ever tried. Its lightweight and light coverage, which is something I never would've opted for before. I was always someone who was only into full coverage foundations. It works so well, blends in nicely, easy and quickly and is buildable if need be. It gives a really nice finish and lasts me pretty much all day. I love how my contour, highlighter, concealer and powder goes on over it. 

Green Colour Correcting Primer | I got this primer after thinking it'd be more ideal as I use my colour correcting concealer near enough all over my face. I LOVE the primer itself, but not the colour correcting part. The primer is smooth and feels quite moisturising. It makes a very good base for my foundation. The green does completely disappear when I apply it and doesn't minimise any redness at all, but I do love the primer. 

Fine Glitter Dust | I bought this without realising you couldn't use this shade as an eyeshadow. I used this once when I filmed a 'festival makeup look' on my channel last year and ended up taking it off because how I applied it looked ridiculous. I'm still unsure what I could use this for. 

whats your favourite Barry M item(s)?

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  1. I have heard that the lip liners are amazing! SO inexpensive as well. If you had to pick one Barry M product if I asked which one was your favourite, what product would you pick? x

    1. I love the lipliner, its incredible! I think the foundation is my favourite x

  2. Never tried anything from this brand because it's not popular in Italy but I've always wanted to try their nail polishes :)

    Caterina |

    1. ah I definitely recommend their products. their nail polishes are soo good and inexpensive:)

  3. I haven't bought anything from Barry M in years, but I've heard so many fab things about that green colour correcting cream recently that I NEED to buy it

    Steph -


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