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I love shopping for clothes. I love going clothes shopping and I love online shopping. I spend way too much time browsing online and its dangerous because I end up with a long wish list and no money. I have four clothes shops that I absolutely love. Three shops are ones I've been loving for years and one is a new favourite of mine.

New Look | I've loved New Look for so many years. I remember shopping there when I was 11/12 and some of the clothes have still lasted me to this day. New Look is a well reasonably priced shop and they sell some really lovely things. They sell so many home stuff too, which I love the look of. One thing I love about New Look is their sales. You can get some lovely things in their sales that are extremely cheap. To be honest, a lot of what I own from New Look is from their sales.

PrettyLittleThing | A new favourite shop of mine is PrettyLittleThing. After buying some wellies from there a few months ago, I became obsessed with browsing their website. The first clothing item I tried was some jeans and since then I've gotten a few other things and I love their clothes. They're affordable and really good quality. I love their website because every time I've ordered from them I've managed to get either free or £1 next day delivery. I'm forever browsing their website. 

Topshop | Topshop is one of those shops that I absolutely love, but I don't shop there as much as somewhere like New Look. I love Topshop and I own a fairly big amount of clothes from there that I've collected over the years, but they're a little more pricier compared to the other three in this post. Topshop sell some really lovely clothes and their jeans are my favourite. Their clothes are really good quality and their website is one that I love browsing.

Primark | Primark is one of my favourites and who doesn't love Primark? I've shopped at Primark for years, but sometimes its a hit or miss when I go in. Sometimes I love half of the shop and the next time I could like maybe one item. I find the majority of Primark clothes and shoes to be really good quality, however I can never seem to have pyjama bottoms from there there that last that long. I do love Primark and they have some of the nicest home stuff.

What clothes shops do you love shopping at?

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    Ellie x

  2. I really don't give New Look enough love, I should really shop from them more. Topshop is such a staple clothing brand for me though, mainly because their jeans are just the most flattering I have found!
    Grace xx

    1. New Look's amazing. their clothes are well priced and their sales are incredible. I love Topshop's jeans!

  3. Primark is my go to shop these days, cheap and cheerful but still pretty good quality!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I agree and I feel like they've upped their game at the moment and have some really nice stuff!

  4. I love topshop! K x

  5. New Look has always been one of my absolute favourites, and their shoes are something that I know I can always rely on!

    Steph -


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