Barry M colour correcting primer vs concealer

I've been really into colour correcting at the moment, after trying and loving the Barry M colour correcting concealer in green. I've wanted to try a bunch of different colour correcting products from different brands, but I started with a concealer and then a primer. Since I use a ton of the colour correcting on my face, I thought it'd make sense to get a green primer. I picked up the Barry M Green Colour Correcting primer and I was really excited to use it. I thought I'd compare the Barry M colour correcting concealer and primer against each other to see which I prefer. 

Primer | I picked up the primer for £5.99 from Superdrug on a whim. The primer packaging looks exactly like their foundation packaging. The bottle and the pump are exactly the same. The primer is very smooth and feels quite moisturising. I really love the formula. A little goes a long way and its an extremely good base for my makeup.

The green in the primer isn't as dark as the green in the concealer, but its still a pretty bright green. The green does completely disappear when I apply it on my face and it doesn't cover up much redness at all. I was hoping it'd minimise redness, but that isn't the case. It does however, keep my makeup in place the whole day.

Concealer | I got the concealer in Superdrug for £4.49 a while back, again on a whim. I hadn't heard anything about the Barry M Colour Correcting Concealer, however I really wanted to try a colour correcting concealer. The concealer comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator.

The green for this is darker than the primer and is very pigmented. A little goes a long way and it blends in nicely and quickly using a blender. I tend to use this nearly all over my face because I have a lot of redness to reduce, but because a little goes a long way, I don't use that much. It reduces a lot of redness, but doesn't completely reduce the redness of spots.

Overall, I prefer the concealer for colour correcting with, but I really do love the primer as a primer. The concealer works better at reducing redness and I've started to use the concealer over the primer and the two works well together. I am going to continue using the primer as just a primer and once thats ran out I'm going to purchase the normal Barry M primer because the formula is really good.

Have you tried either of these? If you've tried both, which one do you prefer? 

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  1. I'm so surprised the colour correcting primer doesn't really do anything - you could just as well use a normal primer! I haven't tried any products from Barry M in ages, and I really need to look at some of their newer bits!

    Steph -

    1. I was too, I was so hoping it'd work though. I've been using it as a normal primer because its a good primer. they've been releasing some really good products

  2. It's a shame the Barry M colour correcting primer doesn't work well at concealing redness, that is definitely what I was hoping it would do. i'm glad it still keeps you makeup in place though.

    Kristy |

    1. I agree, I wish it would colour correct. its a good primer though!

  3. i never really tried colour correcting but i feel lke if you really aster it, it works amazingly.

    1. I love colour correcting, but the concealer works a lot better at colour correcting than the primer!x


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