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I cannot tell you how long I've wanted to try lashes from Red Cherry for. Up until recently (when I got some Ardell lashes) I hadn't used false lashes since last year. I love false lashes, but I just don't wear them enough. 

These lashes are from * and if you're not aware about this website, I'll explain a bit. is a website that sell a huge amount of false lashes from multiple different brands. They have brands like Ardell, Red Cherry, Eylure, House of Lashes and a bunch more. They also sell mascaras, lash glue and brow products. 

"These Red Cherry lashes in style #213 (Harley) feature a subtle, dainty design yet still compliment the eye delicately! Perfect for first time falsies wearers, these lashes add slight length, volume and texture to your eyes in an instant... Tasteful and suitable for any occasion, these lightweight and comfortable lashes are a firm favourite."

I've used these lashes a couple of times and I'm really loving them. To start off with, the lashes are 100% human hair. Red Cherry lashes are cruelty-free. The Red Cherry lashes I have are they Harley style (#213) and these are such lovely lashes. I had never realised how inexpensive Red Cherry lashes are. All of the Red Cherry lashes are £3.99, which is amazing. For some reason I thought they were pricier, but they're not. 

Red Cherry lashes don't come with glue, but I do own lash glue, so its not a problem. Lash glue is easy enough to buy and theres a bunch of choices out there. Now I'm not the best at applying lashes, however these were pretty easy to apply. The band is thin and I like to put it over eyeliner, however if I were to apply them without any eyeliner, the band wouldn't be so obvious. 

The length of these lashes are really good. I only had to cut off the tiniest bit and they were good to wear. The Harley style is more on the natural looking side, but they'd look really nice during the day and night time and with a minimal or glam look. I love that these are extremely lightweight and throughout the day I forget I'm wearing them. These are comfortable to wear and last on for a good amount of time. I can keep these on all day and not have to worry about them coming off. 

These lashes are reusable and I'm someone who uses lashes until they're not possible to use anymore. I've used these twice and they're looking in great condition still, so I'll for sure get another use out of them. For £3.99, these lashes are incredible quality. Overall I absolutely love these lashes and I definitely want to try more from Red Cherry. 

Have you tried Red Cherry lashes?

*Disclaimer: these were sent to me to review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

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  1. these look lovely! not too long which is my biggest annoyance about fake eyelashes, I'm rubbish at applying them as I find they just don't stick though - maybe its just me being rubbish haha! xx

    1. I'm not the best at applying them either, it usually takes me a few attempts!xx

  2. These lashes look amazing on you! The style definitely sound like something I would like, and I also didn't realise how inexpensive they were! Great review!
    Grace xx

  3. Red Cherry Lashes are by far my favourite - in fact the style that you reviewed are my go to! They're so natural looking (as natural as false eyelashes go). For the price, you cannot go wrong! My only criticism, is the new packaging... I find it hard to get the lash to 'mould' to the shape of my eye due to the shape they hold in the plastic box :-(


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