How I edit my Instagram pictures | #2 (updated)

I've been editing my Instagram photos for years now, however a couple of years ago I decided to try a white and bright theme. I'm someone who loves Instagram themes and I've stuck with my white and bright theme since 2015. I've used two different apps since I've had my theme and for the past year, I've been using one that I love. I did a How I edit my Instagram Photos last year and since then, I've changed how I edit my photos, so I'm doing an updated post.

The app that I use is FaceTune. I know a lot of people use FaceTune to edit their selfies, however I don't use it to edit selfies, I use it to edit photos of makeup products and what I post on Instagram. FaceTune on the Appstore for iPhone's is £3.99! Its a good app and I do recommend it. This is the only editing app I've ever purchased and I use it every time I edit on Instagram, so for me this app is definitely worth it. 

The first thing I (sometimes) do is crop a photo if I need to. I could crop it in the camera roll on my phone, however I like to sometimes do it when I'm halfway through editing. On the FaceTune app, theres a section called canvas and in canvas you can crop, rotate, flip or use fixed ratio.

I whiten my photos and I like that FaceTune has this feature. Usually I'll whiten them twice, but it all depends on how dark the photo is. I take my photos on a white background anyway, so its easier to whiten them. Once I've taken the photo, my background usually looks a little bit grey, which is why I like to whiten them. In the photo above, you can probably see the line where I whitened it.

Once I've whitened the photo, I turn up the exposure. Depending on what the photo looks like, depends on how much I turn the exposure up. I usually turn my photos up to around 60+, although for this photo, I managed to turn it up to 100.

I then use s-curve, which I'm not 100% sure on what it is, but I think its like turning up the contrast. I could be wrong, but anyway, I turn this up to around 10. Again, it depends on what the photo is and looks like. For this photo I managed to turn it up to 56. 

There's also a blue button on the bottom right and if you hold it down, it'll show you before and after. That way you can see if you've missed anything or just want to see what it looks like afterwards compared to before. You can do that on every feature like filters, exposure, brightening, s-curve etc. 

Another thing I sometimes use it patch. I love that FaceTune has this feature. Before I got this app, I nearly bought a separate app to do that. Basically, patch gets rid of things you don't want in photos. You could get rid of cables, signs, marks, anything. I use this quite often if theres an annoying piece of dust or something as you can simply get rid of it. I sometimes do this after or before I've edited a photo. 

FaceTune is a really good app and you can do a lot more on there. It has a smooth tool, reshape tool, tones tool, red eye tool, defocus tool and more. It also has a filter section, which is where the exposure, s-curve and other lighting tools are kept. It has filters, textures and some lens filters. Theres also a frame section that could come in handy to some people who like that. 

And thats how I edit my Instagram photos. The app is worth the money. I've tried multiple different editing apps in the past and have never liked an app as much as this. 

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  1. This is so helpful - thanks for sharing your tips!

    xo, Liz

    1. i'm glad you found it helpful. thank you for reading!

  2. One of my friends told me she uses this last week and I totally forgot to download it, now I have seen how you use it and how good it looks, I am off to download now, such a helpful post, thank you so much for showing which categories you use too, so helpful and I'll be able to refer back once I have the app, brilliant post xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. its a really good app, i use it all the time. i'm glad you found it helpful, thank you for reading! would love to hear what you think of the app too. thank you xxx


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