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I realised the other day that I hadn't done a makeup look in ages. Since I last did a full face makeup look on my blog, my makeup has changed quite a lot. I created a full face of makeup using some of my favourite products, some are new and some are ones I've been using for a while. 

I always start off by using my Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer. I absolutely love this primer as it works extremely well as a base for my face makeup. This is always the first thing I decide to do before moving onto my eyebrows. I usually use my NYX Micro Brow Pencil and for this look I did. I filled in my brows using this pencil and then neatened/shaped them better using my Barry M Flawless Concealer. This concealer works really well around my eyebrows. I use the same concealer to prime my eyelids and I apply a bit of powder over the concealer before doing my eyeshadow. I don't use an actual eye primer, but concealer works really well. 

The eyeshadow palette that I used for this look is my Bh Cosmetics x Carli Bybel 14 Colour Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette, which I recently got and when I did this look, it was the first time I used this. I used four shades from this palette to create this look. I numbered these shades as they don't have names and I thought it'd be easier to number them. I firstly used shade 1 above my crease. I lightly used this as it is a little darker to what I'd usually use above my crease, but I really love this shade. 

I mixed shade 2 and 3 together and I love these two shades. I don't own matte shades like 2 and 3, so I was really excited to try those shadows. I applied these in my crease and outer corner of my eye. For the lid shade, I used shade 4 and this is a really lovely shimmery shade. I like to apply this either with my finger or a dry brush as it applies well like that. Usually I use a damp brush to apply shimmery shadows, but this formula is a really good and different so I don't need to. 

To create winged liner, I used my NYX Matte Liquid Liner. I've used this eyeliner a lot since I got it and I really love it. I start off by creating a thin line and then build it up for it to become thicker. I'm actually really happy with how my eyeliner turned out. I then moved onto my face and I started off with applying my Barry M Green Colour Correcting Concealer over my redness/spots. It minimises the redness really well and I love this concealer.

I used my Barry M Flawless Finish Foundation, which is my favourite foundation. This is lightweight, light coverage and it covers over the green concealer extremely well. I apply a normal concealer over my foundation and I use the LA Girl Pro Concealer. I love this concealer and I like wearing it over the Barry M Foundation. The coverage of this concealer is really good and I apply this underneath my eyes, nose and forehead. 

Next is contour and highlight. The product I use for contour is the LA Girl Pro Concealer. I apply this to my cheekbones, nose and forehead and it blends in and contours really well. I love using a concealer to contour with. The first part of my highlighter I'm going to use is my NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in the shade Sunbeam. I apply this above my contour and on the bridge of my nose. This illuminator is my favourite and looks really nice. 

I powder my face lightly using my MUA Matte Loose Powder. This powder works really well and keeps my makeup matte for a long time. I like to apply a bit of bronzer over my contour and the bronzer I used is Gingerbread from my Too Faced Gingerbread Palette. I applied this bronzer over my contour on my cheekbones, nose and forehead. I use my Carli Bybel palette again to use the highlighters. I use the first two highlighters together and I apply that over where I used my liquid illuminator. 

Back onto my eyes for the last bits. I use the first highlighter shade from the Carli Bybel palette on the inner corner of my eyes and brow bone. I use the shade 2 of the eyeshadows underneath my bottom lashes. I curl my lashes and use a small amount of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara before applying my Ardell Demi Wispies False Lashes. I then applied mascara on my bottom lashes too. 

Lastly for lip products. I started off with applying Barry M's Pose Lipliner and this is my favourite lipliner. I decided to use a liquid lipstick and I used the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the shade Sandstorm. I applied a bit of my NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine over that. I love the glossy lip look and I love how it looks over the lipstick.

And thats my finished look. I'm really liking this makeup look at the moment. I love the eyeshadow look with the lashes and I like the lip combination. 
What products are you liking at the moment? 

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  1. I love that palette and your makeup looks so pretty, I love the LA Girl concealer it is so good isn't it? there's some really lovely products here and the look is perfect for summer, I love it xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. thank you so much! the LA Girl concealer is so good, I love it. thank you xxxx

  2. I love the look of the Carli Bybel palette, it's so dreamy! The makeup revolution primer you used is the first one I ever tried and I just couldn't get the hang of it

    Steph -

    1. its a really amazing palette. ah really? I love it!

  3. wow i love the look and sound of all these products! The only thing i've tried are the NYX lip products, but now I really want that BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette!

    Aliya x // //

    1. I love NYX lip products. I definitely recommend the palette!


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