Devon diaries - day 4 | West Bay + going home

On the Thursday, we travelled home and on the way back, we stopped by at West Bay. I've been to West Bay a few times, but since watching Broadchurch (as thats where it's filmed), I hadn't been back to West Bay. I was looking forward to seeing the beach and bits I recognise from the show. I absolutely love Broadchurch and I think it's such a good TV show.

This pink house was really pretty! 

I didn't take a huge amount of photos and it was only a little walk, but heres some of my photos. It was strange seeing parts I've seen on TV. I kind of remember little bits from when I've been before.

On one of these benches, is where they ended season 3. 

Overall, I had a really lovely time away in Devon. I love going on holiday and just getting away. 

Have you been to West Bay before?

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  1. So cool to see all the scenery from Broadchurch, lovely photos!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I agree, I was getting excited going around saying "thats on Broadchurch" and "I've seen that on tv" haha! thank you:)

  2. I went here a couple of years ago, camping nearby with my family! I even climbed the cliff! We're big Broadchurch fans, so watched this last series saying OHH WE'VE BEEN THERE! Also some bits are filmed in a local seaside down by us too, so I basically feel like a cast member! Lydia Moxham | xx

    1. was is tiring climbing the cliff? I didn't even attempt as I don't have much energy at all and I wouldn't have made it haha! I bet the view from the top was amazing though. I was doing that when I went there, going around saying "I've seen that on Broadchurch"! ah that sounds so cool that some bits were filmed nearby you!xx

  3. I love your photos, I love to spend time at the beach! x


  4. Devon looks so cute, the houses are so quaint!! I love broadchurch too, I'm so sad it's over:( xx

  5. These photos are so pretty! I went to Devon a while ago and it's just the most peaceful and gorgeous place x


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