Devon diaries - day 2 | Padstow + Harlyn Bay

On day 2 in Devon, we were undecided whether to go to a vintage funfair or to Padstow. We worked around the weather and since the vintage funfair is indoors, we went to Padstow as it was a lovely sunny day. We've been to Padstow a few times and we've actually stayed in a cottage above an estate agent at the front, around 12 years ago. Padstow is a really lovely place, but very busy as well.

One thing I really wanted to do in Padstow, was visit the Lobster Hatchery. The Lobster Hatchery is a charity that helps baby lobsters survive the first three months of their lives. As lobsters are so tiny, they struggle to survive by themselves in the ocean. They get eaten in large amounts, which is so sad. The Lobster Hatchery keeps baby lobsters for around three months before they get released into the ocean off Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly. 

I actually adopted a baby lobster and need it Lola. Adopting a baby lobster was something I really wanted to do after reading about it online a couple of weeks before we went. For £3, you can adopt a lobster and in a few months time on their website, it'll tell you where your lobster had been released. I've seen a video of it before and it made me really happy. How cute is little lobster Lola?

After we bought some chips, we ate them at Harlyn Bay, which has a sandy beach. I love the beaches at Cornwall because they're all sandy and where I live, its all shingle, with the odd tiny bit of sand at times. 

Before getting back to the cottage, we stopped off in Launceston. Launceston is a really lovely place. 

We headed back to the cottage and had a cup of tea, before heading back out for another little walk. Across from the cottage, theres a new pond and its really peaceful there. With the birds chirping and the beautiful view, I couldn't stood there forever. 

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  1. I love Devon but I really don't go enough! Your photos are so pretty! X


  2. I love Devon - such gorgeous photos!

    Lucy | Forever September


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