Devon diaries - day 1 | arriving in Devon

I'm back from my holiday to Devon and I decided to do a Devon diaries series on my blog, where I want to share four blogposts on my days in Devon. I originally planned to do one blogpost, however I thought I would spread it out and do a few. I took quite a lot of photos!

This is Jojo, who liked to follow us when we went on walks.

Since blogging, I haven't been on holiday, so I've never done a holiday blogpost before (besides a throwback Las Vegas and LA one, which I went to 10 years ago). Last week, I went to Devon from Monday to Thursday and had a really lovely time. I've been to Devon a ton of times and I love it there. I stayed at Frankaborough, which is in Lifton and I've stayed there about five times before. The family that live at Frankaborough are lovely and it's a really nice place to stay. Their cottages are really lovely. We had two and a half days with free time and this post will be our first day.

These boots are from PrettyLikeThing and they were really comfy. 

Day 1 was Monday, which was the day we travelled to Devon. We had a 3-4 hour drive from where I live, but it seemed to have went by quite quickly. We arrived at the cottage and unpacked our stuff, settled in and then went for a walk. Quite a few bits had changed since the last time I went, which was in 2012, so it was interesting seeing whats new. 

Monday was also my youngest brothers 16th birthday, so we took his cake with us. The cake looked delicious. I couldn't eat any, but it looked really good. 

The 'no smoking' sign completely ruined this photo, but I love fireplaces. 

The cottage we stayed in was actually a barn years ago. We've stayed in this cottage before and it's a really nice one. The cottages are always really homely. 

Usually the cottages have a ton of books and DVD's, but one thing I found interesting was they have a bunch of old videos (I don't remember what they're actually called, but the big thick ones) and a video player. I hadn't used one in years and I remember using them when I was younger. 

My dad then put on a fire and I love the fires in cottages. We have a fake one similar to this at home, but I love sitting next to the fire. 

We then went for another walk. The views are so pretty!

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  1. I absolutely love Devon and your photos are gorgeous! Hope you have the best time. X


    1. thank you so much, I had an amazing time x


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