My 4 favourite jewellery pieces

Admittedly, I'm not hugely into jewellery now as much as I used to be. I wear my earrings and belly bar everyday because I can't take those out, but theres only a few jewellery pieces that I wear often. I love jewellery, I just don't have that much that I wear. I have 4 pieces to talk about that I wear often. 

Leaf bracelet | This is one of my favourite jewellery items. I absolutely love this. Its a gold, leaf bracelet that doesn't close the whole way, which is why I love this. I've loved the look of these bracelets for a long time and this is one of my most worn bracelets. You can adjust the size of it because of it being open, however I've never done so. The leaf has little gems in it, which is really lovely. This is from Accessorize. 

Silver ball necklace | This is one of my oldest jewellery pieces that I wear a lot. I love the silver ball with silver gems on. I also own a ring, bracelet and have a belly bar the exact same. This was from Accessorize. 

Rose gold crystal bangle | I love this bangle so much. Its a Ted Baker rose gold bangle with Swarovski crystals all around the bangle and it has Ted Baker engraved into it. It goes nicely with the leaf bracelet. This is also one of my most worn jewellery items. 

Flower choker | When the choker hype first came about, I wasn't hugely fussed about them, however I started seeing more different ones and now I love them. This has tiny silver flowers on and is so pretty. This is from accessorize. 

What are some of your favourite jewellery items?

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  1. I've been really getting in to my jewellery recently and that leaf bracelet is so pretty! X


    1. me too. thank you, its one of my favourites!x

  2. All of these are so delicate and beautiful. I love the look of all of them x

  3. I really don't wear jewellery very much either (apart from my earrrings which always stay in), but I love the look of that delicate flower choker!

    Steph -


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