March favourites

During March I've been loving quite a few things, which is mostly makeup. A lot of this makeup are things I've been loving since ages ago, recently or during February. Theres also a couple of TV shows and other things too. I've been slacking with my monthly favourites this year and haven't done any yet, so I'm going to try and keep on track with them. 

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick - 'Montego Bay' | I've had this lipstick for a year and a bit and have used it a lot, however this month I've been using it waaaay more than usual. Although I'm a liquid lipstick type of girl, I've been reaching for this more. It's just more moisturising than liquid lipsticks are. This goes SO well with a Barry M lipliner I recently got in a lip kit, which I'll speak about further down this post. I wrote a review on this lipstick last year here

Broadchurch + KUWTK | Broadchurch and Keeping Up with the Kardashians are two of my favourite shows. Broadchurch (started at the end of February) is such an interesting show and I'm so glad they came back with a season 3. They make everybody look suspicious, it gets you hooked. Its a very well written show and I hate having to wait every week to watch the next episode! 

KUWTK season 13 started this month. I can't believe they're on season 13 already, I've been watching since season 6! Theres only been a few episodes so far, but of course I've been loving it this month. 

Barry M Flawless Concealer | I've really been liking this Barry M Flawless Concealer in the past month or so. Although this concealer doesn't have the best coverage, it looks good over full coverage foundations. I absolutely love using this concealer for around the eyebrows because it blends in so so well. Its really lightweight. 

Zoella Lets Spritz Body Mist | I've had this body mist for a year or so and its one of my favourites, however this past month I've been reaching for it more than my others. It has a fruity and floral scent, which smells very pretty and its perfect for this time of the year. 

MUA Eye Define Felt Liner | I'm really impressed with this eyeliner. It was £2 and its soo good. Its a felt liner, that is incredibly easy to use and is such a great product. It created winged liner easy and stays put all day long. 

Spectrum Brushes | I am obsessed with these brushes. They're such good quality and are so so soft. How pretty are these brushes though? I love them and I think they're my favourite thing from March. I was so excited for these to turn up and I wasn't disappointed. They're amazing. I recently wrote a blogpost on these here

Barry M Lip Kit - 'Pose' | I've mentioned this a couple of times here on my blog, but I'm yet to upload an actual post about this. This is the Barry M Lip Kit in Pose, which is incredible. It comes with a pink matte lip paint and pink pencil lipliner, both of which I love. Its such a lovely shade and lip kit. I use the lipliner more, just because I use it with pretty much most of my lipsticks. Both products are amazing and very easy to use. 

Too Faced Gingerbread Bronzer | I've had this palette since Christmas and have been meaning to try out the bronzer from the Gingerbread Cookie palette. I've never used a bronzer before and I was desperate to try this. I've never really got along with powder product, however I find this very easy to work with and is the perfect shade. It smells like gingerbread and it reminds me of Christmas. I've been wearing this over contour or instead of contour and I'm really loving it. In the palette it looks shimmery, but when its actually on, you can't see any shimmer whatsoever. 

Unicorn phone case | My last favourite I'm going to talk about this month, is my unicorn phone case. I love phone cases and unicorns, so when I saw this on Amazon I had to get it. It is a large phone case and I can't actually fit it in a lot of bags or my pockets, but at least I'll never loose it right? 

what are your favourites from March?

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  1. Those brushes look so pretty!

    xo, Liz

    1. they are such pretty colours!

  2. Such a cute phone case! I love MUA for affordable makeup x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. me too, their makeup is good quality also x

  3. I need those brushes please!!!!! I'm obsessed with the colors!!

    Mel |

    1. ah you should get some, they're incredible. me too!


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