Public Desire Emilia Lace Up Boots

Boots are my recent shoe obsession, especially heeled boots. I have no idea whats taken me so long to get a pair of Public Desire boots. I've always loved shoes, but I used to love trainers more. Recently it's been all about the boots and heeled boots that I love. I've been browsing Public Desire's website for soo long. They sell so many lovely shoes and at reasonable prices and I'm so glad I've finally got a pair. I'm excited to share them.

In this post, I also decided to switch the photos up and put them in black and white. I actually preferred how they looked in black and white, so I decided to keep them like that for this post! 

These are the Emilia Lace Up Side Pointed Ankle Boots and they were £39.99! I saw these and instantly loved them, then I saw that they had the same name as me. Although I found that pretty cool, thats not why I got them. I loveeee these boots and the minute I saw them, I was thinking of SO many outfits I could pair these with.

On the inside (left side) they're zip up and on the outside (right side) they're lace up. These are faux suede and they feel really nice. Pointed toe boots seem to be in right now and Public Desire sell a lot of pointed toe boots. I used to dislike pointed toe boots when I was younger and now I LOVE them. The heels are thick, wooden heels and I love how they look.

So far I've found these boots to be comfortable to walk in, but at the moment I've only walked in them for a short amount of time. I'll get more used to them overtime, but so far I've found them well to walk in.

Because of the lace up, open part on the side, I didn't really know what to wear with them at first (sock wise). At the moment I'm wearing them with black socks or tights, otherwise my feet would be cold at this time of the year with the open side. In the warmer weather where I still want to wear boots, I'll probably wear those invisible socks with them (if thats what they're even called). You know the thin, small ones you can wear with pumps? Those. I haaaate not wearing socks. I might choose not to wear boots in the warm weather, but I think these would look nice in the Spring also. 

These go well with jeans and skirts, with or without tights. They'd go nicely with some dresses and jumper dresses. I have soo many outfit ideas with these. 

I had wanted a pair of heeled boots for soo long and these are perfect. I love wearing heels. I'm like 5"2 and the heel height is 4.2"/11cm and I love wearing heels to make me taller. I'll definitely be buying from Public Desire again. The shoes are really good quality and I'm hoping these will last me a long time. 

I'm planning on featuring these boots in an outfit post soon, so you'll be able to see what they look like on.

Do you own any Public Desire shoes?

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  2. Oh wow, these look stunning!!! I need to get them in my size asap! Have a lovely weekend :)

    Trishna xx

    1. they're amazing boots! thank you, you too:)


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