Blogmas day 1 | My christmas bucket list

It's the first day of December, which means blogmas! I mentioned in a couple of previous posts that I'm doing blogmas. I'm all prepared and ready to do 25 days straight of uploading. For my first blogmas post, I'm going to share my christmas bucket list.

  • Go to a christmas market | Back in 2013, I went to the Winchester christmas market and every year since I've wanted to go back. This year I really want to visit again and blog it. I also want to visit more christmas markets elsewhere, if there are any more near me.
  • Make a gingerbread house | For the past few years, one of my brothers and I have built and decorated a gingerbread house. This year I kind of want to make one from scratch. I never eat gingerbread houses as I don't like the taste of gingerbread, I just like decorating them and that's it. I thought it'd be a challenge to make one from scratch and decorate it. It could turn out to be a disaster, but who knows.
  • DIY christmas decorations | Last year I made my own snow globes. I want to make some more this year and also try and make some more decorations and see how they turn out.
  • Christmas baking | Usually I make christmas shortbread or cupcakes. I want to make them again this year, but decorate them better.
  • Discover more christmas movies | Every year, I watch the same christmas movies over and over again. I want to start watching and discovering more christmas movies. I've already found some new favourite during November.
  • Complete blogmas | One thing that I reallyyyy want to do is complete blogmas.

During December, I'll probably add more onto my bucket list. So far, these are some of the things that I want to do. 

Whats on your Christmas bucket list?


  1. Hope you get to check off everything on your list! Have a great month :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. I really want to do more Christmas baking this year too!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. what kind of baking do you want to do?:)

  3. Such a fun little festive post- I really want to go to bath before Christmas as it is beautiful! lydiaEve | xx

    1. thank you! i've seen photos of bath at this time of the year and it looks so pretty. i've never been there before, but it sounds lovely! i hope you get to go:) xx

  4. I am determined to make the most amazing gingerbread house!!

    Mel |


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