Blogmas day 7 | Mini christmas decoration haul

Christmas decorations are my absolute favourite and this year I'm really into buying more decorations. Last year I liked my tree, but looking back at photos now, I decided I really wanted to make it better. I've gotten a few decorations and things for my tree, so I decided to make a little haul.

Lights | I'll start with the least interesting one...lights. Last year I had different lights that had a green cable and it didn't go so well with my white tree. They were also plugs and I prefer battery ones. My tree is quite tall and I have it on my desk, so plug in lights aren't ideal and wont reach my extension lead. I got two battery powered lights that have clear cables. They go nicely on my tree because you can't see the cables that much. These were £1.99 each from the Range. 

Gold shoe | How pretty is this gold heel? I found it in Tesco and instantly loved it. It's so sparkly and beautiful. I thought it was going to be a bit too big for my tree, but it's fine and I absolutely love it. This was only £1.

Red nutcrackers | I love the nutcracker so much. This year I really wanted some nutcracker decorations and I got three red, wooden nutcrackers from Tesco. These are so cute. I haven't found much nutcracker decorations in shops, so I was super happy when I saw these. I saw these around mid November and had been thinking about them since. These were £1 each, however I got 3 for 2. I loveeee them. 

Gold reindeer | The Range have a wide choice of decorations. I love their white, silver and gold decorations. While looking in the shop, I realised that a lot of their decorations were probably a bit too big for my tree. I came across this gold reindeer and thought it probably wouldn't be that big for my tree. It does fit on my tree, although it was a little heavier than expected, but it's fine and still looks nice. This was only £1.29! It's beautiful and I love reindeer.

Silver nutcracker | I can't tell you how much I wanted a nutcracker like this and I'm so happy I've now got one. This was £7.99 from the Range and I absolutely love it. It's so sparkly and perfect. I have this stood next to my tree on my desk and it goes there nicely. 

Where is your favourite place to buy decorations from?


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