Blogmas day 6 | Whats on my christmas playlist?

Christmas music is my favouriteeee. I love listening to christmas music all December, although I do admit that I did start listening to it in November. I've created a new playlist as I had one last year, but deleted it and created a newer one. 
(I apologise for the grainy photos, it's a little dark outside and I was hoping the lights would make it look better).

  • Alex Aiono - Deck the Halls | Alex is my favourite singer on YouTube. He somehow always makes songs a lot better than the originals when he sings them. He's an incredible singer and I could listen to his covers for hours. Some of Alex's covers are on Spotify and I came across Deck the Halls and I loveeee it. I love this song and he sings it so so well.
  • Victorious - It's Not Christmas Without You | Did anyone else used to love Victorious? You know when you just listen to soundtracks from your favourite childhood TV shows? Yeah, I did that with Victorious not too long ago and remembered this christmas song. I put it in my christmas playlist and have actually been listening to it a lot. I don't even care that I'm 19, I still love this song. 
  • Justin Bieber - Under The Mistletoe album) | It's not christmas without having Justin's Under The Mistletoe album on repeat. Every year since this came out, I've listened to it every christmas. I love every song on this album and I do listen to it randomly throughout the year. Ok, I love this album too much.
  • Ariana Grande - Christmas & Chill album and Christmas Kisses | I'm obsessed with all of Ariana's christmas songs. Ariana's version of Last Christmas is my absolute favourite and I used to be obsessed (still am) with that song when it first came out.
  • Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It's Christmas? (2014) | I love the Band Aid song from 2014 and I've listened to it a thousand times since. There were so many good singers in it! For some reason I thought they did this yearly, but apparently not. 
  • Idina Menzel ft Michael Buble - Baby Its Cold Outside | I wanted to add Baby It's Cold Outside from Elf, but there wasn't an Elf soundtrack on Spotify. I did however find Idina Menzel and Michael Buble's version and instantly added it to my playlist. 
  • The Nutcracker songs | I love the Nutcracker so much and I had to add the songs to my playlist. I find the music to be so relaxing. 
  • The Vamps - Meet The Vamps (Christmas Edition) album | I recently came across a Christmas Edition album by The Vamps. I don't have all of the songs from their album on my playlist, but it's such a good album. The Vamps are a really good band and I love their music.

I have added a lot more songs to my playlist since writing this, however if I carried on listing them, this post would be very long. 

What are your favourite christmas songs? 


  1. How bad is it that I have only heard of one of these (Band Aid of course). For me I always go old school with Christmas music. I think there's something so lovely about feeling nostalgic when Fairytale of New York or Do They Know It's Christmas?. For me they're still the best because they remind me of the excitement I felt for Christmas when I was a child

    Steph -

    1. its not bad at all! i still love those too, but i also love the newer ones. i agree!

  2. Justin Biebers album is my go to playlist for Christmas! Will have to check those other songs out too! x



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