Blogmas day 2 | Christmas gift guide for Mum's

I wanted to do a christmas gift guide this year as I've never done one before. I chose to do a gift guide for Mum's as I couldn't think of what to do for Dad's/Brothers. If I'm honest, I find it soo difficult to buy for guys. I actually find my Mum a really easy person to buy for, however I thought that just because I find my Mum easy to buy for, that doesn't mean other people are the same. If you're stuck on what to get your Mum for Christmas, I hope this helps.

Candles | I feel like all women I know, like candles. Who doesn't like candles? Whether you burn them or not. The candle above, is mine and it has E for Emilia. These would be a really nice, personalised gift for your Mum. There are also a whole bunch of candles out there that'd be an amazing gift. The White Company and Yankee Candles are a good place for candles, but a bunch of other shops sell candles.

Perfume | Whether it's perfume or body spray, everyone loves it and wants it.

Clothes | Clothes are a good gift idea. Everyone loves clothes. You could get your Mum a nice outfit or loungewear. 

Home stuff | Cushions, ornaments, picture frames, there are soo many choices of home stuff. Dunelm Mill do a load of lovely home stuff.

Jewellery | Jewellery is a nice gift for anyone. 

Personalised gifts | Like candles with letters on. Personalised gifts are a really nice and personal gift for anyone. There's a lot of personalised things such a jewellery, mugs, baubles, prints etc. I really like the cushions with initials on. If your Mum is a cushion person, those would be great gifts.

Handmade gifts | I think any Mum would appreciate homemade gifts. I also think that anyone in general would appreciate homemade gifts. After all, it's all about the thought that counts. 

What ideas do you have to get your Mum for christmas?


  1. This was a great gift guide and I love that candle with your initial on, so cute! X


  2. I always gravitate towards jewelry for my mom. She loves Pandora charms and Alex and Ani bracelets. Lovely post, Em! x

    1. me too! i've never heard of Alex and Ani before, i'll have to check that brand out! thank you, Guilianna x

  3. My mum is so hard to buy for but she always loves personalized gifts! Great gift guide!
    Grace xx

    1. i hope that maybe this gave you some ideas! thank you xx

  4. I bought my Mom a new fitbit!!

    Mel |


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