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The other evening, I was going through my Mum's lipstick collection and I came across this Cream Puff Lip Cream by Collection and it instantly reminded me of my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I quickly grabbed my NYX lip cream to compare them and found a few comparisons and a few differences. 

I tested it out a few times and thought I'd do a post on them. I've never done a post before on comparing products and I thought it'd be interesting to compare two drugstore lip creams. I've tested out the Collection lip cream on it's own and side-by-side with my NYX lip cream, so I've come to a conclusion on which one I prefer.

Packaging, applicator & scent | I'll start with the packaging. The first thing I noticed was how similar the packaging is. Both tube sizes are exactly the same and they have the same soft matte lids. The only difference is obviously whats on the tube.

The applicators are both doe-foot applicators and they're the same size. The scents are also exactly the same, they both smell like vanilla and they smell soo good!

Drying? Streaky? Sticky? | When I put the two lip creams on, side-by-side, I realised that the Collection one was more drying than the NYX. It wasn't dramatically drying, but it was noticeable. 

When applying both, I found that the Collection one was streaky. The NYX one isn't sticky. For the Collection one, I apply three coats and it still looks streaky and I only have to apply two coats with the NYX one and it's fine.

Neither lip creams are sticky and aren't annoying when I wear them.

Dries quickly? Long lasting? Transfers? | Both lip creams dry quickly. For some reason, the Collection lip cream goes funny on the edge of my lips and dries weird.

The NYX lip cream lasts for around 3-4 hours with eating and drinking. It doesn't transfer that much or come off a huge amount, it just all depends on what I'm eating/drinking. The Collection lip cream doesn't last that long. It doesn't come off massively during eating/drinking. Again, it depends on what I eat/drink.

Availability & shades available | To purchase the NYX lip creams, I have to order online as there's no NYX counter near me. I can easily get hold of Collection as they're available in multiple drugstores near me. 

From what I found online, there are only 4 shades of the Collection lip creams available on the Boots website, so there's little choice. There are 31 shades of the NYX lip creams available on the Boots website, so there's a whole bunch of colours to choose from.

Prices & shades | The NYX shade that I have is London and the Collection shade is Powder Puff. London is a brown shade and I love it. Powder Puff is just far too light for me and I don't even know what shade to call that. 

The prices for Collection's lip creams are £2.99 and the prices for NYX's lip creams are £5.50!

Similarities | I have some more similarities with the two. Both are: 

  • Matte
  • Easy to apply, due to the doe-foot applicator
  • Lightweight
  • Cruelty free

Which do I prefer? | Personally, I prefer my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I prefer the formula and the fact that it suits me a lot better because of the shade. The Collection lip cream is just too light for me and dries strangely around the edges of my lips. I think if I had a darker shade, there's a possibility that it might be different. I like that there are 31 shades available of the NYX lip creams, whereas there are only 4 Collection lip creams available. I do want to try a different shade of Collection lip creams and see if it's any different as I haven't lost hope yet.

This is my first 'vs' post. It was interesting to compare them both. I definitely want to do more comparing blogposts and have actually written one comparing two concealers, so that'll be up soon.

Have you tried either of these lip creams? If you've tried both, which one do you prefer?

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  1. I have the same Collection lip cream as you and I know exactly what you mean. I have not tried the NYX soft matte lip creams but I will have to check them out!
    Grace xx

    1. i had high hopes for the collection lip cream, but i really want to try another shade! the NYX lip creams are amazing, i definitely recommend them xx

  2. I contemplated buying the collection ones but as I do suffer from dry lips I was definitely not taking the chances as I did hear that it was a little bit more drying than the NYX ones. I also think that the nyx ones have a few more shades in comparison to the Collection ones! Great posts, I love compare and contrast blog posts xx


    1. the collection lip cream wont be good for dry lips, my lips are dry and the two do not go well together. yeah, NYX have soo much more choices of shades! thank you, i do too xx

  3. I love NYX, I have seen the collection range in boots but something always told me not to pick a few up. I think with NYX, you just know you're going to be getting a good product. Have a lovely weekend :)


    1. i agree, NYX's products are always good! thank you, you too:)

  4. I love the NYX ones!

    xo, Liz

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Both shades look great!! I also want your nail polish!!

    Mel | www.thegossipdarling.com

    1. thank you, its Pink Lemonade by Barry M:)


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