November Instagram roundup

Helloooo. I feel like I've barely uploaded a blogpost within the past week or so. I've been getting ready for blogmas and have been writing and taking photos for that, as that starts tomorrow. I also can't believe its the start of December tomorrow, I'm so excited to put my decorations up at the weekend! Anyway, after that long intro, here's what I posted on Instagram during this month. 

Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette | I'm actually so obsessed with this eyeshadow palette. It's incredible and there are 144 beautiful shades to choose from.

(From left to right - Matt White, Kiss Me Quick and Festival Fever)

Barry M nail polishes | Pink and white nail polishes are my favourite at the moment.

Modern Family | This was a similar photo to what I used in my Top 12 TV Shows blogpost. Is anyone else impatiently waiting for season 8 of Modern Family to come on TV here in the UK? It's starting to drive me insane! 

Makeup Revolution Face Base Primer | I had been meaning to upload a blogpost on this primer before blogmas starts, but since that starts tomorrow, I'll have to do it after that finishes. This primer is amazing and one of my favourites that I've tried.

Makeup bag | This was a pretty random photo with no purpose to it, I just really like the photo. I don't actually have a use for this bag at the moment, but I'm liking having it in some of my photos.

Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette...again | I posted another photo of my palette, because I can't get over how incredible it is and looks. I love all of the shades. 

Pink things | Again, this photo had no purpose. I just like pretty pink things (although the ARI perfume isn't really pink, but it's still pretty). 

Tea Set | I got this tea set for one for my birthday back in August and only recently realised that I hadn't taken a photo of it. I'd been meaning to take photos of it for ages because it's beautiful.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick | I like this photo, although the lights didn't edit all that well. I was taking some blogmas photos and decided to take a photo with my favourite liquid lipsticks. I also wanted to see whether lights in my photos would go well with my white, bright Instagram theme and although you can barely see them, I think they look alright. 


  1. The eyeshadow palette looks so pretty! x
    Louise |

  2. Your photography never fazes to amaze me. A little question, my pictures are completely normal and fine when I've taken and edited them, but once I upload them onto blogger and hit the publish button, they always turn out blurry! Would you happen to know how and why? It's so annoying lol. Thanks!! Have a lovely weekend :) (1st Giveaway)

    1. aw thank you so much:) mine used to and still does the exact same! i contacted bloglovin a while back and asked why it was happening and they told me that my photos were possibly too small. i googled how to make them larger on blogger and it made then better, but they're still a little bit blurry! i'm not too sure how to make them completely clear, but hoped this helped:) thank you, you too:)

  3. That eyeshadow palette is to die for!!

    Mel |


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