144 Ultimate Eyeshadow palette SWATCHES

As promised in my review of the Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow palette, I said I'll do swatches for the shadows. I made this into a separate post because there are 144 eyeshadows to swatch and I didn't want to make my review post any longer. I have swatched every shadow, row by row. I did these photos with the flash on because by the time I took these photos, it was dark outside. 

Row 1 | The purple (number 11) looks very interesting and I definitely want to create a look with that shade. I also love the silver shade next to it (number 12).

Row 2 | I think number 1 and 2 would be perfect shades to highlight the inner corner of your eyes with. Number 12 looks like a lovely shade, but one I've never used before and I'll definitely have to create a look with that.

Row 3 | Number 1 and 2 on this row would also be amazing shades to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. Number 8 looks like a shade I'll love. 

Row 4 | Number 5 and 10 look beautiful.

Row 5 | Number 5 on this row looks a little similar to number 5 on row 4, but a little bit more orangey. I think this is my favourite shade on this row!

Row 6 | Number 11 looks really interesting. I never would've thought I would want to use that, but after swatching this, I think I need to create a look with that. It's an 'out there' shade for me, but I love the look of it.

Row 7 | Number 10 looks incredible. I also loveeee number 11.

Row 8 | Number 4 is actually the shade I've used the most from this palette, it's beautiful. Number 10 looks really nice.

Row 9 | Number 7, 8 and 9 looks like shades I'll love. Again, I've used number 4 loads of times and it's such a pretty shade. 

Row 10 | Number 11 looks very pretty, although I don't think it'll suit me. 

Row 11 | How incredible does number 5 look? I definitely need to try that shade asap. It also looks like a really nice shade for this time of the year.

Row 12 | Number 5 on this row also looks like an incredible shade. It's a little lighter than the shade 5 on row 11, but it still looks just as nice. Number 1 also looks like a really pretty one. 

And those are the swatched shades for all of the shadows in this palette. My arms are now dry and have smudged dark eyeshadow that wont come off, but it was worth it because look how pretty these shadows are. Some showed up better than others and some applied better than others also. Some shades didn't show the glitter and look more matte, but in the palette all of these have glitter in them. 

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  1. Wow it must have taken you ages to do this, the swatches all look lovely and there are some gorgeous shades in the palette xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. it did take me longer than i thought it would, but it was worth it! i agree xxx

  2. Ahh I can't pick my fave, they're all so stunning! I can't imagine how long it took to take and edit the pictures but it sure was worth it because it was a great post! Have a lovely day :)


    1. me either, theres too many shades to choose from! it took me a little longer than i thought haha. thank you, you too:)


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