September Instagram roundup

I'm kind of glad September is over because now I can start posting more Autumnal and Halloween themed photos now (who knows if I actually will haha). I need to step up my Instagram game and take more photos, but it's hard when you don't have the energy to do. I'm also quite stuck on what to take photos of, so I need to start thinking about that :) 

Scrunchies: The first photo I posted in September was my hair scrunchies. I loveeee these and I've been wearing them a lot since I got them in August. They're from New Look and they're satin. 

Eat Smart Cookbook: I love this cookbook, it's so good. All of the recipes look so good and I love that everything isn't bad for you and is healthy. 

NYX Doll Eye mascara: I love this mascara.

NYX Lip Products: Another photo of my NYX lip products...shocker. I actually really like this photo though. 

Naked 3 palette: I took this photo a while ago and had it on my camera roll, edited and ready to upload. I actually forgot it was there, so I uploaded it. 

Acrylic drawers: I actually took this photo on my phone (usually I take them on my camera, but I wanted to start taking more photos on my phone) I didn't think it was that clear and it's a little bit darker than my theme as the lighting wasn't great.

Ariana x Lipsy London earrings: I actually really like this photo that I took. I like that the pink box in the background gives a little bit of colour. I've had this photo on my camera roll for a few months and finally decided to upload it after reediting it to make it brighter. 


  1. NYX is a fab makeup brand, I adore all their lip products! Gorgeous photos lovely x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. i agree, me too! thank you:)x

  2. Love the photos! I may have to give that mascara a go x

    1. thank you:) i love the mascara!x

  3. That Naked 3 palette...I WANT!

    Mel |


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