Purpose Tour | 11.10.16

Did I mention that I was going to see Justin Bieber? A thousand timeeees. The day came and I finally got to see Justin. My parents got me Purpose Tour tickets for my 19th birthday and my birthday was at the end of August, so it wasn't too long after. My Mum came with me (she also came with me when I went to see Justin before) and I'm glad that she also enjoyed the concert.

I went to see Justin at the o2 in London, so my Dad drove us there and then went to take night photos around London. Two and a bit hours of driving and being stuck in traffic and we were there just in time. 

I didn't take my little camera with me, I just used my phone, however my Mum took her little camera and was able to zoom in quite far and take some photos. I'm so impressed with how some of them turned out considering we were quite high up and far from the stage. 

We got in and found our seats just as the opening acts started playing. The first performers were Mic Lowry, they were really good. They started at around 7:30 and then The Knocks came on afterwards. They were also really good. Both of the opening acts were amazing and I've started listening to their music. 

Justin came out and performed Mark My Words in a box. It was incredible. He performed pretty much all of the songs on Purpose. He also performed Cold Water, Let Me Love You, Baby, Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me and Hold Tight. Seeing him perform Baby again made me SO happy.

During Company, a big trampoline came down and Justin and all of his dancers danced on it. I'd seen him use that at other Purpose shows, but didn't know if he was going to do that here. During Sorry, him and his dancers danced amongst water, again I didn't know if he was going to do that either. Both were really cool.

His dancing was amazing, his singing was amazing, the opening acts were amazing, everything was amazing. I had the best time and I'm literally so happy that I got to see him again and I'm so grateful to my parents for getting me tickets for my birthday (that I've known about since December haha).

I did also film a bit at the concert that I might upload to my YouTube channel. I wanted to video some of it as I've lost the majority of photos and videos from the My World Tour, although I clearly remember it, I do wish I still had some footage. I wanted to watch the show, but I also wanted to film some of it, so I didn't look at what I was filming. A lot of the videos turned out blurry and wonky or not in shot, but I just wanted to watch it through my own eyes and not through my screen.

If you're going to see Justin at any of his Purpose shows, I hope you have an amazing time! It's an incredible show and experience :)

Who was the last person you saw in concert? Are you going to see anyone soon?

Thank you Mum for taking all of these photos for me!


  1. Fab photos! Looks like it was a fab evening.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. thank you, it was an amazing evening:)

  2. They're great photos, were you on level 4? I went yesterday, 12. It was amazing, he was in such great spirits & put on such an amazing show! I'm also going on November 28th when he comes back to London O2, I bought the ticket off someone I knew who didn't want to go. �� how can you decide you didn't want to go in the end? Oh well her loss, my gain. Haha.

    Lourauhls Xo

    1. thank you:) and yeah i was on level 4! hope
      you had a good time and have a great time again! haha yes! x

  3. ah im so jealous it looks amazing! xx


  4. Love the photos! I really wish I went to see him now, I am so glad you enjoyed it though!
    Grace xx

  5. The concert looks absolutely amazing! Glad you had an amazing time xx

  6. I used to be quite a big fan of Justin Bieber - this looks/sounds amazing, glad you had a good time!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. I am so jelly!! I love Justin!!!! Glad you had fun! :)

    Mel | www.thegossipdarling.com


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