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Recently my go-to makeup looks is quite minimal, well minimal for me anyway. Some people will say this is minimal and others might not, but for me it is. I've been wearing less eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter when I apply makeup (those are some of my favourite things, but I don't always wear them). I used to be someone who wore a full face of makeup everyday and spend waaaay too long doing so. I just can't be bothered with wearing a full face everyday, so I either wear minimal or no makeup at all. 

Firstly, I use my L.A. Girl Primer, this makes my makeup last all day and makes a smooth base for my foundation. I always apply this first before any other makeup as I like to let it set. I always do my eyebrows first, just because if they go awful then I can just remove my eyebrow product off, without taking any other makeup with it, I use my NYX Micro Brow Pencil to fill in my eyebrows. I've been using it so much.

For foundation I use my Barry M Flawless Finish Foundation. I loveeee this foundation. It's lightweight, light coverage and lasts all day. I apply concealer underneath my eyes, bridge of my nose and forehead using my L.A. Girl Concealer. This is such a good concealer. I contour using my other L.A. Girl Concealer. I contour my cheekbones, nose and forehead. I love using concealer to contour with, I prefer using concealer than cream and powder contours. It blends incredibly well.

I set my makeup using my MUA Loose Powder. This powder is so good. I then use my new Barry M Feature Length Mascara and I love the way this makes my lashes look. Lastly, for lips, I usually just wear lip balm.

That's my go-to minimal makeup look at the moment. What are some of your favourite makeup products that you wear a lot?


  1. That rose gold packaging is very pretty! I hear the LA girl brand is great, I'll have to try more from them.

    Abigail Alice x

    1. i know right, the prettiest packaging mascara that i've had! LA girl is such a good brand:)

  2. Such a simple routine! I love the NYX Micro Brow. It's one of my favourite brow pencils ever! So great that it's really affordable as well :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. mine too, i've been using the brow pencil everytime i do my makeup and its so good:)


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