August Instagram roundup

My Instagram this month seems to have been all over the place. I've been busy and hadn't had the time or energy to take photos and then when I did have the time, it's been super cloudy and my photos turned out awful. I have to say though, I do like how my Instagram this month has been quite colourful.

  • My first photo of August was my NYX Liquid Illuminator. I love this liquid highlighter so much, it's definitely one of my favourite purchases. 

  • I like to change my makeup around all the time and I like to see where I like it the best. I put some of my makeup in the top of my acrylic compartment, as I hadn't used this part in a while. I kept it in there for a week or so and have since moved it again..

  • I love my tea cup and saucer. I actually uploaded a photo exactly like this with a different cup and sauce, probably around this time last year. 

  • I love Barry M and their sparkly nail polishes.

  • For some reason, I really liked this photo. I took this for my haul blogpost. This eyeliner is amazing!

  • I wasn't going to upload this photo yet, but I had nothing else to post and had this just sat around on my phone. I love this concealer, it's so so good.

  • I've had this ribbon for ages and decided to put it in a bow in my hair for my birthday! 

  • My tea cup and saucer made it to Instagram again. I took this ages ago and yesterday decided to upload it as I literally had nothing else to post. For a week I forgot to post a photo and found this in my phone ready to edit.

I'm determined to post more during September (I think I say that every month though haha).

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  1. I love the variety of pictures you posted this month! Keeps things interesting :) Thanks for sharing xx

    1. thank you:) thanks for reading xx

  2. Ugh your instagram feed is just so gorgeous! Love all the brightness and whiteness and the pops of pink and blues!

  3. It's a super cute cup! I love how bright and clear your Instagram photos are x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. i agree, i love it! thank you:)x

  4. Your feed is so gorgeous and I love the way you displayed your makeup in that acrylic container! x


  5. I love your instagram, so simple and girly! Great post!
    Grace xx

  6. I love the photo of your tea, it is so simple and lovely. I love your instagram feed xx

  7. Im so in love with your theme! It looks great :)
    My Blog


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