The Summer Tag

Happy 1st of August! For my first post of this month, I'm doing a Summer Tag (although it really doesn't feel like Summer today, it's raining and is actually quite cold outside). I came across a few Summer Tags online. There's a lot of different ones, but this has to be my favourite that I found.

  1. Whats your favourite thing about Summer? The sun. Sometimes the warm weather, but it depends on how hot it is. I love being able to go outside and it not be raining (although today it's raining). My other favourite thing about the Summer is that it's my birthday in the Summer (it's officially my birthday month). Although it rains most years on my birthday, there's always a chance that it'll be sunny and hot if I'm planning on going anywhere.
  2. Do you have a favourite Summer drink? I don't actually, I just like anything cold or iced in the Summertime.
  3. Is there a location you like to go to each Summer? Bournemouth. My family and I take a day trip to Bournemouth most Summer's. I love going to Bournemouth and sitting on the sandy beach.
  4. Favourite makeup look for Summer? Pink eyeshadow and nude lips. I'm also liking wearing a minimal makeup look this Summer.
  5. Dresses or skirts? Both. I love Summer dresses and maxi skirts. 
  6. Sandals or ballet pumps? I'm really liking sandals at the moment. 
  7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for the Summer? Usually down, however at the moment I love having my hair up. My hair is long and I'm not really liking having it down during this time of the year.
  8. Deep Smokey eyes or bold lips? Hmm, bold lips.
  9. Favourite perfume for the Summer? ARI by Ariana.
  10. Favourite music for the Summer? Although my music taste doesn't change during the seasons, I do listen to more loud music.

Whats your favourite thing about the Summer? 

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  1. My favourite thing is definitely the weather! I loved reading your answers, I haven't been to Bournemouth in ages xx

    1. thank you:) me too (well a year), i'm hoping to go this year!:)xx

  2. I LOVE Ariana Grande's perfume! It smells amazing :D

    Edye | Http://

  3. This was a really cool tag, loved it - I also love Bournemouth beach!

    Lucy | Forever September


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