Irresistible Me Flat Iron | review + before & after

I'm so excited to share this flat iron with you all. I never really speak about hair on my Blog, so when Irresistible Me contacted me I was really excited. Straightening my hair is something that I've been doing for around 7 years and have tried multiple straighteners, but none of them were as good as this Diamond Flat Iron. For those who don't know, Irresistible Me are a company that sells human hair extensions, hair tools, hair accessories and hair products.

The description on the Irresistible Me website
The Diamond Professional Flat Iron is our next-generation, digital, SMART styling iron featuring unique DIAMOND Hi-Tech, which coats the floating ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline.

The diamond and tourmaline technology will protect your hair and keep all the natural oils, color and moisture in, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free. The styling will last longer against air humidity and everyday stress.

These ceramic hair straighteners come in a really nice box. The box is a matte black rectangle with a bit of a pattern on the right end. It lifts open and closes firmly with a magnet. The box has silver writing on the top and on the side it has a silver diamond with IM written in a pretty font. The box looks very sophisticated, classy and luxurious. When you open up the box, the flat iron is stood upwards with a cardboard section that covers the cable. On the inside of the lid there is a photo of the flat iron and it has 20 shiny little circles which tells you important and good facts about the flat iron.

The flat iron heats up super quickly, it takes around 15 seconds. What I love about this flat iron is that it has an adjustable temperature and it also has a display screen that shows you the temperature. Something I'm a huge fan of is that the buttons are on the inside so you don't accidentally click on anything. I think it's such a good idea having them on the inside. There are 3 buttons, which is the power button and 2 buttons to turn the temperature up or down.

On the outside of the flat iron there is an intelligent heat display, which has 3 settings. In the booklet that the flat iron comes with, it tells you which setting is best suited for your hair. For example:

  • Setting 1 is suited for fine hair.
  • Setting 2 is suited for medium or normal hair.
  • Setting 3 is suited for thick or coarse hair.
The flat iron has a thumb print to keep a steady grip while using it and it's cool so you don't burn yourself.

One of the things that I'm really happy with is that these switch off automatically after 30 minutes. I'm someone who usually leaves my straighteners on, so this feature is really helpful.

I'm so impressed at how effortlessly these straightened my hair, it literally look around 8 minutes. It used to take me absolutely ages to straighten my hair, so I'm very happy with how quick and easy it is to straighten my hair with this flat iron. I love that the cord is a 360 cord and is 2.5m long.

With this flat iron you can straighten, curl and create in and out flicks. I was so excited that I could curl my hair with these and I've always wanted to try and curl my hair with straighteners.

Here's what it looks like before and after I straightened my hair. It makes my hair feel so much longer and it stays straight literally all day, which I'm beyond happy about. I love having straight hair.

Overall I LOVE this flat iron and have been using it pretty much daily since it arrived. I love that it's lightweight and good if you're in a rush. I love the box it comes in and it's what I store the flat iron in all the time. The other amazing thing about this is that it automatically changes the temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the supplied voltage. It makes it really good for travelling. The flat iron is from the USA and I live in the UK, so it's perfect that it does that.

These are $149 from (which is around £102.68). I definitely recommend these and I'm so so happy with them. 
(As these are from America, I do have an adaptor. If you purchase these from another country then please keep in mind that you will need an adaptor. Adaptors aren't expensive, I got mine for just over £3 from Argos and it works perfectly). 

*These were sent to me by Irresistible Me for review. All opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. These are great, I love the red colour too so bright and cheery. 8 mins is brilliant too isn't it? Great post as always xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. me too:) yes, it used to take me literally so long to straighten my hair with my old straighteners. thank you, Zoe:) xx

  2. I have this straightener too and it's amazing! Great review :)

    xo, Liz

  3. My Chi is almost dying and I need a new straightener. This sounds fab! I'm going to check it out! Frizz is always my #1 problem.

    Mel |

    1. they're amazing straighteners, i definitely recommend them:)

  4. Great post I really want some starighteners however I am scared that they will damage my hair! X

    1. if you use a heat protection mist, it'll help to protect your hair against damage:)x

  5. I was actually thinking of getting this! Lovely review x
    Morgan |

    1. i definitely recommend it, it's so good! thank you, Morgan:)x

  6. Oh wow these look and sound brill!! I have super long hair, so straightening it is so tiring and such a chore, it takes ages to do my hair haha. I need to invest in some good quality straighteners, these honestly sound amazing, especially because they reduce frizz, my hair is so frizzy it's unreal!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. they're really good! i recommend these, they're amazing:)


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