Desk Tour (updated)

Last year I did a desk tour, since then I've changed my desk around and have different things on it. I'm always changing my desk around and where I place things, but for the moment this is whats on my desk. Also, I just wanted to admit that my desk isn't usually this tidy, it had a ton of pens, hair grips and just a lot of things on it, but I tidied it up for the photo and have kept it tidy since. Wonder how much longer that'll last though...

The desk itself is from Ikea, it's called the Linnmon/Adils table and cost £14.90 which I think is a really good price. I wasn't looking for an expensive desk, I just simply wanted a bigger and plain white desk. As soon as I saw this on the Ikea website last year I knew it would be perfect. It's much bigger than my old desk and fits so much more on it. 

Starting off on the left side, I have this orange candle and it smells amazing! This was from The Range a while ago and was so inexpensive, I think it was around £2-£3!

Behind that I have my three white drawers. I got these for Christmas and I currently keep some hair clips, bows and pom pom hairbands in them. I love these drawers, I think they're so cute and go really well with my room! 

On the top of them I keep my bear that my Mum made (she has her own bear business), this was the first bear she ever made and I think it's soo cute! Next to the bear I keep this red heart that my brother got for me a couple of years ago for my birthday, I love it.

Next to the drawers I have four things. I do think it looks a little cramped and too much, but at the moment it'll do. I keep my glass Eiffel Tower that I got from France on a school trip when I was 11 (I don't even remember the name of the place we went to, it wasn't too far from the channel tunnel). It did come with a light up plastic stand, but goodness knows where that's disappeared to. 

Next to that I have an owl candle. I'll never burn that candle because it's too cute! I then have my fake flowers that I used to use a lot in my blogposts. I love these fake flowers, they're from Amazon and I have them in this vase from Ikea. I then have this gold tree candle holder, I got this for Christmas and am yet to put candles in it.

Each side of my computer I have my water speakers. 

In front of my computer I keep my five Buddha's. I think these are all super nice and I really love Buddha's. The one on the far left is from The Range and I'm unsure where the other four are from as they were gifted to me by my brothers. 

Lastly on my desk I have my iMac. This is where I do all of my Blogging and YouTube. (I keep blu tack on the camera as you can see in the first picture, because I've watched too many shows where people have been watched through their webcam and it freaks me out). 

What are some things you keep on your desk?


  1. Your desk is gorgeous! I love the little drawers and flowers :) xx

  2. Your desk is amazing!! So neat and beautiful. That candle sounds like it smells amazing too!

    toast the girl almighty

    1. thank you:) it does smell amazing!

  3. Gorgeous desk set up, I love your Buddha's!

  4. I love the buddha's - I actually have the same one! Such a cute setup!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. Oh my gosh I have envy over your desk, mine is so messy because I'm too much of a hoarder haha. I love the buddhas, I think I have the exact same gold ones, I got mine from B&M :) Those teddy bears your mum makes are so cute I remember reading your post on them, adorable! Everything is so pretty and looks so cute on your desk, it's motivated me to switch mine up and make it look better! xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. aw thank you!:) mine are probably from b&m:P thank you:)xxx

  6. So pretty and calming! A gorgeous desks helps bring the creativity! :)


    Mel |

  7. That orange grove scented candle looks amazing!! Perfect springtime scent :)


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