A Walk Along The Beach

I haven't done a post on somewhere I've been in so long and I'm not sure why. As I didn't have a blogpost planned for today I thought I'd do a post on a walk I went on with my Mum a few weeks ago.

Considering I live literally 5 minutes away from the beach, I never really go there. I used to spend a lot of time there when I was younger with my friends, but in the past few years it's somewhere I don't go much. 

We put on our warm clothes, old shoes and got our cameras and was prepared to face the cold weather. A few days before we heard that there were Starfish on the South Coast and wanted to go and see if we could see some, but there wasn't any. (I love the blue beach hut and have never seen it before!)

The tide was quite far out and there was actually sand! On the South Coast we have mostly pebbles and the tiniest patch of sand. 

We live opposite the Isle Of Wight. I really want to go to the Isle Of Wight! I've lived on the South Coast my whole life and I've only been the Isle Of Wight once, when I was younger and I don't even remember it. A big perk of living across from the Isle Of Wight is that when the festival is taking place if the wind is in the right direction, I can hear the music from my room when I open the window. Not quite the same as being there, but still quite cool. 

I love the colourful beach huts but most of them are green! 

Do you like the beach? Have you ever been to the Isle Of Wight?


  1. The pictures are really brautiful! Looks like you had a fun time :)
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

  2. Such gorge photos! I know what you mean, when you seem to live somewhere where you can always go, you never end up going...like people always ask me if I go up the mountains all the time haha! Love those beach huts xx


    1. thank you:) i know right haha! me too:)xx

  3. Ah those beach huts are dreamy! I'd want to take all of my blog pictures there haha. xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

  4. If I lived near a beach I would go there so often! xx

  5. Ah the beach huts are so pretty! There's something so relaxing and calming being at the seaside, it's one of my happy places. I wish I lived really close to a beach, it would be the best thing ever to clear my head! Beautiful photos too!! xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  6. It's so beautiful!! I wish I lived near the beach! The view is lovely.

    Mel | www.thegossipdarling.com


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