Current Favourite Songs #2

I LOVE music and I love a lot of songs at the moment. I've done this post before last year and since then I've discovered new songs/people/rediscovered songs that I used to love! Since writing this post over a week ago, I've got more new favourite songs, so I'm sure part 3 will be coming very soon. For the meantime here's my current favourite songs #2!

We Don't Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez: As soon as I heard this song I became obsessed. Selena and Charlie are two of my favourite singers and I can't stop listening to this. 

Cake By The Ocean - DNCE: When I first heard this song I had absolutely no idea who actually sang it... Turns out it's Joe Jonas's new band, DNCE! Now I can tell that it's him singing, whereas before I didn't notice. I love Joe Jonas and this song!

Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay ft Beyonce: I'm not a huge fan of Coldplay and only like a couple of songs. This is my absolute favourite song of theirs!

Pillowtalk - Zayn Malik: Anyone else obsessing over this song still? I absolutely love it and can't stop listening to it still!

One Call Away - Charlie Puth ft Tyga: I loved this song since it came out, but came across this version on Spotify featuring Tyga. I LOVE Tyga and I love this song!

Who Says - Selena Gomez: After watching Monte Carlo again about a month ago (one of my favourite films), I became obsessed with this song all over again because they played it at the end. Amazing song, I love it. 

Electric Love - BORNS (Oliver remix): I really love this song, it was at the end of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and I have absolutely no idea what it was called. My brother found the name of it for me and I've been listening to it since.

Unbreakable, Melodies, All For Love & Something Sweet - Madison Beer: Madison Beer needs to release some new songs asap (since writing this part a couple of weeks ago, I now know that she's bringing out some new music, yay!) because I loveeee her music. I've known who Madison was for a couple of years, but never listened to her music until last year. I love all her songs and can't wait for her new music. 

In The Night - The Weeknd: I became a huge fan of the The Weeknd and his music last year. In The Night is my current favourite song of his after hearing him perform on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show!

Again & 679 - Fetty Wap: I LOVE Fetty Wap and his music! My current favourite songs of his are Again and 679!

Youth - Troye Sivan: I love Troye's music, but at the moment my favourite song of his is Youth. I watched his performance of this on The Ellen Show singing this and it was amazing!

Do you like any of these songs? What songs are you loving?


  1. Awesome mix!! Love these!!

    Mel |

  2. I really can't stop listening to pillow talk! I'm obsessed!
    Paula |

  3. I really can't stop listening to pillow talk! I'm obsessed!
    Paula |


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