November Favourites

I've been loving so many things this month, from makeup/music/TV shows to apps etc...

MAC Nail Polish: This month I've been loving my MAC nail polish, it's called 'Modern Movement'. It's a beige/cream shade and I LOVE it, I have A LOT of nail polishes but I've never had one like this before. This is the only MAC nail polish I own and I'm obsessed with it. 

Elegant Touch 001 Square Nails: Elegant Touch are my all time favourite false nails brand, I've tried their 002 Oval nails and their 003 Stiletto nails and decided to try their 001 Square nails. So far I've always get their plain ones that you paint yourself because I love painting my nails myself. I love the length and shape of these nails, it feels like I'm not wearing any false nails and I don't knock them off so much because they're not long. 

MUA Mono Eyeshadows: I've really been liking these eyeshadows this month. I wrote a blogpost about these three here.

Purpose Album: I mentioned that I love this album in a previous chat post... and on my Twitter... and on my Snapchat! I've been OBSESSED with this album. I'm so happy that Justin's back with another album. It makes me super happy to see people who weren't a fan of Justin's music, liking his new album. I've had this album on repeat literally since it came out.

Pinecones: I've recently been using these pinecones for my photos. I think they're really nice for pictures in the Autumn/Winter time. They're from Garsons and they're so cute! I'm unsure whether they're actually real or not, but I love them.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: I've been loving this foundation so much this month, it's definitely my newest favourite foundation I've ever tried. I recently wrote a post about it here

Maybelline SuperStay Foundation: I wrote a blogpost about this a couple of weeks ago here and I've really been liking this foundation. In the post I mentioned that it says you'll see a better result of your skin in 3 weeks and I said I'll update you all in my November Favourites. I haven't seen an improvement in my skin, but I don't know whether it's because I haven't been wearing it everyday. I've only been wearing this on days that I haven't been wearing my Estee Lauder foundation! I may see a difference when I've worn it more times, but for the meantime I haven't.

Phone Case: I got this phone case from Amazon and I'm obsessed with it. I previously had one for my iPhone 4 last year, but the one I had was so thin, filmsy and broke within a week, but this one is much better quality. I couldn't decide between the white, pink or blue one because all three were nice. (PS I might do a phone case collection post soon).

Cuffs TV Show: Cuffs has been a favourite TV show of mine this month, it's based in Brighton and it's about the police, at first I wasn't too sure whether I was going to like it or not, however I LOVE it. I think it's really interesting and I like the characters. 

Made In The AM Album: Although I was more excited for Purpose to come out on the same day as Made In The AM, I was also excited for One Direction's album to come out. I've always liked One Direction and their songs are super catchy. I love this album! 

Keeping up with the Kardashians Season 11: I can't believe I've been watching KUWTK for 5 years and they've already come out with season 11. I'm obsessed with the Kardashians/Jenners and have always found them entertaining and hilarious since I first started watching it. Season 11 started this month and I'm SO excited for more of the episodes. 

Maybelline Contour Kit: I've loved this contour kit since I got it in the summer, but I only contoured occasionally because I wasn't too sure whether I liked what it looked like over the foundation I was using at the time, however since I've been wearing my Estee Lauder foundation, I've started contouring everyday and this contour kit has become of my absolute favourites this month. 

Glamour magazine and Clinique lipstick: This month I picked up the Glamour magazine because Tanya was on the front. Tanya was one of the first YouTubers I started watching and I have loved her ever since, so as soon as I heard she was going to be in/on the front cover of Glamour magazine I was desperate to read it. I'm going to be writing a separate post on the lipstick btw! 

Camcorder app: I've been loving this Camcorder app. It's like an old fashioned camcorder basically. I don't really know how to explain it haha. 

Shots app: Shots is an app, kind of like Instagram, where you share your photos/videos, except you can't upload from your camera roll. I suppose it's also like Snapchat because you have to upload things live. But I've been loving this app so much. 
PS if you've got this app you can add me at em_barker! I need people to follow, because I only follow a few.

Pinterest: Pinterest has been a favourite app of mine this month, I hadn't used it in a while, but I've been addicted to it this month.

And that's it. I apologise that this post has been super long, but I had been liking a lot in November. 
What have you been loving throughout November?


  1. I really wish I could find that Maybelline Contour kit! It looks so so so nice! I really want to try the double wear foundation as well!

  2. Your nails look amazing! I love your phone case too it's SO pretty <3

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

  3. I love the phone case, I vote you do post about your phone cases!
    Also I love a good app so I'm away to check out the camcorder one now :) x

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. thank you:-) i'll definitely write up a phone case collection then:-) i love the camcorder app!x

  4. Some amazing faves you have here :) I love your pictures :) The nail polish looks amazing ;) xx

  5. Made in the a.m is amazing. I love that phone case as well.


  6. Your phone case!! I'm in looove! I have an LG G4 and 0 people make cases hahaha, so upsetting x

    Katina |


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