Topshop MOTO Borg Denim Jacket

I don't really write about clothes that much, I seem to have taken more of an interest in makeup recently, even though I still love clothes. Anyway, I wanted to do a post on my jacket, I recently started wearing my Topshop denim jacket again as the weather has gotten much colder (much excite)! I got this last Christmas and it's definitely my favourite jacket!
(PS I'm absolutely awful at taking clothing photos)

I have the one in the colour 'Mid Stone' (I think... There's two on the website that look similar). When I picked this before last Christmas there were a few choices, but I thought this would go with a lot more of what I wear. It's so comfy and warm and I love layering with it. I got it in my size, however it's a little bit big for me, which I like because I can layer it with thick jumpers underneath. I love that it has poppers instead of buttons!

This jacket has two normal pockets and two pockets further up the jacket, with poppers. 

I forgot what the price was when I got it, but it was around £55! There's now similar ones on the Topshop website, which are practically the same except the bottom pockets are different and they have buttons, not poppers. 

Do you have this jacket or a similar one?:-)


  1. I love denim jackets in winter - this looks so nice!

    Lucy |

  2. I don't actually have anything like this jacket,but it looks soo cosy and warm! I could definitely see myself wearing something similar. Loved the post <3
    Emma xx

    1. aw it is incredibly cosy and warm:-) thank you:-)<3xx

  3. LLLLOOOOVE this hahaaa, love the colour! Ps you're not awful at taking clothes photos, they look so good hun. Can't beat a denim jacket xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky


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